Is Weight Loss Just About Calories?


Is Weight Loss Just About Calories? Really?

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Do you eat healthily, ensure portion control and avoid inflammatory/unhealthy food? Also, do you work out religiously for weight loss? That is good! But in spite of all the effort you put in, does the needle of the weighing machine refuse to budge? Where are you going wrong? Is weight loss just about calories or not? Well, find out the truth!

Doctors say that managing your weight is not just about self-control or the things that you do or don’t do. It is high time you become aware of the facts.

There are many physical and emotional factors that help in determining your body weight. The best part is that each of these factors can be addressed with dietary changes and natural ways.

The following things can be standing in the way of weight loss:

1) Hormonal balance

pill and bowel cancer

Women of menopausal and perimenopausal age or those who take birth control pills have very low estrogen levels, which is the main cause of weight gain. You can get your hormones balanced by resorting to a non-hormonal method of birth control. Your doctor will advise you better!

2) Thyroid dysfunctions

diet for thyroid

Metabolism gets affected by thyroid dysfunctions and 40% of the time doctors this is missed by doctors who only rely on lab values that only show values for older and sicker individuals rather than the ones of youthful and healthy people. There are other ways of finding out thyroid abnormalities such as checking reflexes and metabolism. Your doctor will medicate you accordingly.

3) High blood sugar, pre-diabetes, diabetes, and insulin resistance

diabetes- how to control blood suagr levels

Those who suffer from high blood sugar have insulin resistance and a higher amount of cholesterol. This makes weight loss difficult. However, your doctor can conduct the necessary tests and ask you to make dietary changes or prescribe natural supplements.

4) Stress

de-stress-and weight loss

Lack of quality sleep, taxing life events, excessive exercising and reducing calorie intake can result in stress. To get rid of stress, you will need to do breathing exercises and meditation. Once stress is out the window, there won’t be weight gain.

5) Digestive problems

woman with stomach pain

There can be weight gain due to a leaky gut, intestinal parasites and yeast. The doctor will advise you as to what has to be done.

6) Food allergies and intolerances

Dealing with food allergies -list of foods that cause allergies

There can be food allergies and intolerances due to gluten, soy, corn, dairy, eggs and sugar. In certain people it can lead to weight gain.

7) Exposure to heavy metals

mercury toxic heavy metal

Toxins such as lead and mercury can affect the cells of the body and lead to hormonal imbalances causing weight gain. This has nothing to do with the calories in and calories out equation of weight loss.

8) Antidepressants

Depressed Woman prevent depression naturally

Anti-depressants are prescribed to those who are depressed. Most often this depression is due to plunging estrogen levels. So, before prescribing drugs it would be better to rebalance hormones with bioidentical estrogen.

The bottom line

Talk to your doctor and find out the underlying cause of your weight gain. Develop a healthy exercise and diet plan for yourself.

Hope this post “Is Weight Loss Just About Calories?” has been useful!


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