Top 6 Weight Loss Mistakes You Are Making!


Top 6 Weight Loss Mistakes You Are Making!

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How are you all doing? Are you trying really hard but are not able to see weight loss results? You are most probably going wrong somewhere. But where, you must be wondering? Don’t worry you must be committing a very common weight loss mistake. Read on to find out!

1) Guzzling down sugar free drinks


If you just swapped your favourite drink with a sugar free version, let me tell you that it isn’t such a good idea. First of all, sugar free drinks contain artificial sweeteners that can cause nothing but harm to you. Secondly, when you guzzle down diet beverages, you kind of compensate for the less amount of in the drinks by gorging later on foods that are loaded with sugar and fat. This will definitely spoil your weight loss plan!

2) You choose crash diets

Experts are of the opinion that sudden changes in your diet will cause more harm to your weight loss goals than gradually reducing the no of calories you eat each day. It said that suddenly shifting to a crash diet from eating a heavy fat and carb laden meal will send signals to the body that you are starving and this urges the body to hold onto whatever fat you have. So, don’t completely change your diet all of a sudden. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

3) You just exercise

It may be shocking but if you concentrate one just exercising, you may not lose weight! Studies show that exercise alone cannot give your weight loss results. This is because those who exercise a lot often tend to eat in an unhealthy way post workout to reward themselves for what they did! If you are serious about losing weight, you must make a balance between workout and diet. Eating healthy and in controlled portions is extremely essential to actually see results.

4) You resorting to weight loss supplements

top 7 weight loss supplementsIt is quite tempting to try out all the weight loss pills and supplements that are advertised on TV. Believe me, these are just money making methods. In reality, you can’t lose weight in a healthy manner with such products. Even if you lose, you will gain it all back. You need to be on a watch out with weight loss pills as they do more harm than good to your body. Instead of reducing fat they reduce muscle weight.

5) You avoid spices

Giving up sweets may sound logical but if you give up spices such as chillies, you might actually not lose weight. Chillies are rich in capsaicin and can help in preventing overeating as its acts on the nerves in the stomach, thereby curbing obesity. So, don’t forget to make your food a little spicy! To learn more about the health benefits of  chilli, click here! You won’t be disappointed.

6) You text while exercising

gym etiquuette

This is a very annoying habit. I know that you are on whatsapp and you are most popular amongst friends but keep that smart phone away from you while exercising at least. Texting msgs or attending calls while exercising affect the intensity of exercise and will definitely slow down your weight loss.

So, which mistake out of the above six are you committing that your weight loss journey has simply stuck up? Do share in the comments below!



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