Weight Loss Myths And Ways To Master Them


Weight Loss Myths And Ways To Master Them

When we are on a weight loss journey, we find so many myths floating around, some of them are just crap but then we need to know the difference between myths and facts. So through this post we are going to check out a few myths and how they can be mastered, using some alternative methods.


We hear different kinds of myths but there are ways to master them.


Zero calories beverages do not count

As we find a huge variety of” DIET” beverages in the supermarket, we tend to choose them happily resulting in increased Obesity. The harsh reality is that although many of these drinks (like energy drinks or soft drinks) are labelled “ZERO CALORIE”, they contribute to other  negative health effects which becomes a hindrance to weight loss. Researchers have found that those who consume sweetened beverages are more likely to consume more calories, increase body fat and gain more weight.

diet soda

 The Alternative

Swap artificially sweetened beverages for a freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice, rich in nutrients which will ultimately benefit our overall health and cleanse our body.

Which Is Better - Fruit or Fruit Juice for weightloss


Fruit based breakfast lowers net calories

If you think that eating a fruit bowl for breakfast will lower your weight. You need to think twice. Consuming fruit alone in the morning may lead to mid-morning crash which results in craving for sugars and sweets.

The Alternative

Try to have a breakfast which has a balance of carbohydrates and protein that help you to feel full till your lunch time or the next meal.



Detoxing kick starts weight loss

Living on liquids may accelerate your weight loss. Although you may initially lose weight from fasting or juicing mainly because of water.  The 7 to 10 day duration of most detoxes is enough to lose around a KG but it is really cancelled by consuming junk food at Mcdonalds. For example: fries

The Alternative

A balanced meal which includes fresh fruit and vegetables and some physical activity or exercise can have the same effect, without having the feeling of deprivation. And the advantage is you are most liking to keep the weight lose off.


Eat less, lose more

One can feel like a winner if you forget to eat lunch thinking that you have consumed fewer calories. Depriving yourself of food starts a chain reaction which results in weight regain. This is the basic reason why crash diet doesn’t work. One can easily regain all the lost weight if he/she starts to eat a normal meal.

food is Fuel

The Alternative

We don’t eat calories right? We eat food. If our diet is lacking in nutrients we are more likely to crave Kilojoules. Try to eat balanced meal which is full of nutrients and try to eat after every two hours.


Eat less move less

When we are trying to lose weight we think that if we are eating lesser calories then there is no need to exercise as a result we start feeling weak and feel less energetic. Finally, feel like a lost case in the field of weight loss.

exercise you love and hate

The Alternative

We burn what we eat and if we eat very less then we won’t anything to burn for energy. this will result in weight loss stalls, leading to frustration and finally more critical complications.

Do you believe in these Weight Loss Myths?

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