7 Weight Loss Myths and Facts


Myth- If you don’t sweat while working out, you are not working hard enough

Fact –  There is no relation between sweat and weight loss. The only thing sweat signifies is that the body is working to cool itself. Everyone sweats differently. And vice versa, if you sweat while doing small chores or anything does not mean you is losing weight. Like Mumbai is a very humid city, so sweating is common.

Myth- If the foods are “HEALTHY”, then you can eat as much as you want

Fact – Healthy foods are healthy only if you consume them to a certain limit. If you go overboard with them, then they are no longer healthy. For example – Nuts. Nuts contain many essential vitamins and minerals, they also contain some healthy fats, but they are also very high in calories, if you consume them in excess you are probably consuming a lot of calories. So limit them to a certain portion size, like have a handful of nuts daily and don’t exceed beyond.

Myth-Weighing scale is an ideal indicator for weight loss


7 Weight Loss Myths and Facts weighing scale

Fact –  Frequent use of the weighing scale to judge weight loss does not give a true picture about your weight loss. Just because every time you step up on scale, you don’t lose any weight does not mean you are not losing weight. It can also be judged my measuring inches on your body. Sometimes you don’t lose even half a kg of weight, but your clothes are fitting a bit loose, that is a good indicator that you are losing weight, and it will eventually also show up on the scale.

Myth- Eating fewer meals helps lose weight

Fact –  Skipping meals and expecting to lose fat is the most foolish notion when trying to lose weight. Because you might be losing weight, but not fat and eventually you will gain it all back, once you start eating normally. Skipping meals only results in a loss of energy, which eventually affects health and well-being.  By doing that you will only lose your muscle and water weight, which no one wants.

Myth- Weight loss products and supplements can be a quick solution to lose weight


raspberry ketone quick weight loss

Fact – If you pop a magic pill and think you will lose weight instantly, then think again. They may work, but slowly and eventually. And they give the best possible results only when consumed in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.

Myth-You need to eat every 2-3 hours to increase your metabolism

Fact – Every time and everywhere we here, if you want to lose weight then eat something every 2-3 hours. But that is not always possible, especially on a busy schedule. That does not mean you cannot lose weight. When it comes to weight loss the ultimate thing that counts are the number of calories consumed and not the number of meals

Myth- Diet helps you lose weight

Fact – “Only” diet can never help you lose weight. Even if you lose weight in beginning of a new diet, your weight loss will eventually stall and you will hit a plateau. To avoid that include a good workout in your lifestyle. It will help you maximize your weight loss result.

A healthy diet and an active lifestyle is the only answer for consistent and effective weight loss.

P.S –  Eating after 2-3 hours is recommended for weight loss. Number of meals are important, secondary to number of calories. Don’t forget, all calories are not same. – Tarun Preet

These are our 7 Weight Loss Myths and Facts. Do you know more Weight Loss Myths and Facts ? Share with us !


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