How To Get Rid Of Weight Loss Obstacles?


Get Rid Of Weight Loss Obstacles – How?

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If you are overweight, you need to lose weight in order to improve your overall health but why is losing weight so difficult? Let’s not think of diet and exercise here as there is another obstacle that is preventing you from losing weight and that is your subconscious mind. Yes! When the brain subconsciously hears the term ‘loss’ it doesn’t like it! Nobody for that matter likes to lose anything. Our DNA is programmed such that losing something causes pain. In our daily activities, we are driven to stay in the state of pleasure and avoid any kind of pain.

This is a major weight loss obstacle and by understanding how weight loss will benefit you, you can overcome it.

Do away with Weight Loss Obstacles!

Delve in deeper with the following steps to create a vision for yourself in your weight loss journey. With this simple shift of focus, your thinking will turn positive and you will be thankful for this change of thought.

All you need to do is to take a notepad and take some time (10 mins) out of your routine. Doing so will totally be worth your time and effort.

1) Jot down what you desire from the health point of view. If it is about losing weight, you need to be specific about the number of kilos you want to lose. Some people have their focus on relieving digestive pain and discomfort, while others are on improving energy and being able to live life to the fullest. Do not refrain from writing things down as there is nothing called a wrong answer.

2) Step no 2 requires you to write down why you want what you have written down. Take it seriously and ask how weight loss will benefit you. For example, the answer can be increased self-confidence, improved self-esteem and ability to take part in the real action. You need to write it all down.

3) The last step requires you to write down initial step needed to reach your health goal that you have mentioned in step no 1. For example it can be “To start losing weight, I need to cut back on sugar”. Then you need to get more specific and write down a plan of action – “I will halve the intake of refined sugar this month and consume more of fresh fruit.”

The main trick behind this step is to not just taking away or losing something. This step ensures that you are giving something to yourself or else the subconscious mind will come in the way as it will never allow you to put yourself in pain to accomplish a goal.

You have to focus on adding positive additions to your lifestyle to start, maintain and find success in your journey of weight loss instead of focusing on a loss or deprivation. This is one step that will help in making you both powerful and positive. To have good health or to lose weight, you need not deprive yourself of anything.

Hope you found this post on how to get rid of weight loss obstacles useful!

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