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We have no “Ask Us” page here because we are also learning from our so very knowledgeable readers. We do get a lot of queries , doubts and problems from the readers through FB messages and emails. I understand that everyone needs privacy and some of you won’t be comfortable in sharing your identity. I know how it feels when you have health or weight issues ! So, usually I and my readers play a game – weight loss questions and answers 🙂

This post is a medium to discuss all your questions regarding health, fitness and weight loss. We don’t publish email id of the readers, so you can use a nickname and ask your doubts. Not only I and Anamika, our reader pool will also help you when you post your questions here.


This will ensure sharing and we all will do our bit of helping each other. So what are you waiting ?  Pour in your weight loss questions or any of your doubts ! No question is a silly question :).


Tarun, xoxo


  1. how do i reduce my belly fat? Despite of several trials its all in vain. And how do i decrease my weight? It wil be a great help if you advice me and clear my doubts..

  2. Hello I m 22 yrs old girl… I hv PCOS problm since I ws 11-12 yrs old nd so my periods are very irregular…. it occurs in a gap of5-6 mnths….. I m taking gyenic help bt its showing almost zero result bt my weight ws ok lyk a healthy person…. bt nw 6-7 mnths before I hv gained 7 kgs of weight in vacations nd til nw I m unable to loose dat weight…. dn’t hv tym to exercise as well bcz of my busy schedule nd at same tym I want my figure back….. really confused regarding this…. please help me

    • Sravanthi, start walking to your leg’s content :P. Walk as much as possible. start from 2 kms and increase gradually. I can bet evening walks will help you a lot. Once in a while, do HIIT

  3. Hi this is not really health question, but i have been meaning to ask this question…. like many Asian girls i have uneven toned skin on body and have slightly dark skin on butt, is there any cream or home remedies that i can use on that area. Normal body cream is not helping… so please guys if you can give some advice that will be great help. Thank you.

  4. hi,

    I have gained weight almost 10 kgs more …after i was diagnosed with pitittuary gland tumor that means there is harmonal imbalance in my body .. can you please what should i do? ….I want to reduce weight desperately

  5. Hi , I am suffering from pcos since last two years and got aware of menance of pcos few days back . I tried to loose weight and lost 1kg in 15 days , but gained it back . I want to ask what sort of exercise should i do at home to loose weight fast ?

    • Hi , For PCOS you will have to bring change in your lifestyle which includes food and exercises..We will do a detail post on it soon.

  6. hie! 🙂 Tarun dii.. m a frequent reader of ur blog! like..instead of reading any book in free time.. i read your posts here! try the recipes u post (veg) 🙂 i m a college girl (1st year) n i m overweight .. i hv started walking and having lemon+water in the morning…. i tried to go on a diet.. but it started causing dizziness and as my exams are approaching..mom said to continue this after my xams 🙁 after 7 june.. Though i have started cutting down my sugar intake but still 3 spoons a day ho hi jaate hain… i crave soo much for it :'( i hate this.. :'( ek toh itna saara weight + sugar par ban + diet pe jao to chakkar aate hain 🙁 And today i had read abt HIIT.. but i cant go to gym… how can i practice this at home?? i want to do it..i will do it dii !! and i am soo much determined because i am very tired of my health problems and soo many taunts !! i wish i could see me a li’l slim on my birthday 🙁
    sorry for the length dii 😮

    • Hi Shruti, HIIT can be done at home. Infact you can walk , check out Kanan’s post on intervals and Leslie Sansone walk at home program


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