Weight Loss Story Of Anant Ambani


Anant Ambani’s Weight Loss Story

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Weight loss is often an uphill task for most people. It is due to the difficulty that most people leave midway. There are very few who are able to reach their goal. Time and again we have told on our blog that there is no shortcut for weight loss. You have to sweat it out and control your cravings. However, once you are able to control yourself, nobody can stop you.

Here is a weight loss story that will leave you stunned! Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s youngest son has done something that nobody will believe. He has proved to the world that nothing is impossible in this world if someone is having the intent to do it.

Weight Loss Story Of Anant Ambani

anant-ambani weight loss, Weight Loss Story Of Anant Ambani

Anant Ambani had been suffering from obesity. To fight his medicine-induced obesity, he made a commitment to himself one and a half year ago and today he has emerged victorious. He has lost a whopping 108 kgs in flat 18 months. He wanted to lose the excess weight the natural way so he followed a strict diet and started exercising for about 5 to 6 hours a day.

He worked out hard every day with a 21 km walk followed by Yoga, weight training, high intensity cardio workout and functional training. Whoa!

As to the diet part, he followed a low carb diet plan with fat and protein. He also chucked sugar out of his diet.

His mother, Nita Ambani is extremely happy with this accomplishment of her son. She has seen Anant work really hard during this weight loss journey. He has been toiling hard for about 500 days and this dedication of his towards health has floored her. The will power and determination he has shown in fighting and conquering huge challenge is a big inspiration for all. She herself is awed by her son’s efforts.

As a kid, he suffered from asthma and the strong medicines given to him made him gain weight. Doctors told him that weight loss by natural means will be a daunting task but he still went for it. He wanted to get fit by his 21 st bday.

By the way, Anant is an animal lover and wildlife enthusiast too. Currently he is studying in the US. Isn’t his story inspirational? It is just a reminder of the fact that with dedication and hard work you can achieve anything in life. Weight Loss Story Of Anant Ambani is indeed motivating.

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