Weight Loss Story Through Diet and Exercise


Weight Loss Story Through Diet and Exercise

Being a silent reader of this blog, I always wanted to share my weight loss story with all you lovely people, and at last here I am doing that.

This is my Weight Loss Story Through Diet and Exercise

Let’s go back to my early teens, People called it “Chubbiness” but then I knew it was fat. I never realized the importance of not being overweight until I reached my 11-12th standard, which is the peak point of my weight. I still dread the day when I weighed myself, 80 kilos it was and I felt sick not because of my weight but the thought of others getting to know it. But mind you I never tried anything substantial to reduce it.

Weight Loss Story Through Diet and Exercise

Then came my graduation, I started realizing how over weight I was and how much important it was to reduce weight, not just for external appearance but for internal well being too.  It was then I started taking baby steps, when I say baby steps, I literally mean it because they were very small changes I made to my lifestyle. I started with walking about 2-3 kms everyday.

I tried everything that was available for me from aerobics to yoga and even dancing but nothing lasted too long mainly because I couldn’t see any results. Therefore I got de-motivated and gave up. Slowly, I realized that exercise in any form is not sufficient for weight loss; we have to eat right as well for results to show up.

Initially it was very difficult for me as I was the only kid and yes my mom loved to shower me with different kinds of food items, I couldn’t and wouldn’t refuse anything she made for me mainly because she was an awesome cook and no one can ever resist the food she cooks. To add to all this, I have sweet tooth and just love gorging on anything sweet. All this had to go, but I did not have the strength to take that big leap.

Then came highlight of my life, the breaking point- This point arrived during my last year of graduation, when one my relative remarked, “She will never reduce weight it is in her genes so don’t ask her to reduce weight.” That was it; I wanted to prove her wrong. The only thing in my mind, I wanted to prove each and everyone who assumed so wrong.  I was in full swing and I started taking things seriously, I was 70 kilos at the point and I decided to join a gym/fitness center.

after weight loss (1)

My mom was completely against joining gym, she was terrified by the thought itself. Nevertheless I joined a gym near my place. I fell in love with working out at gym. It all started to change slowly but steadily; I could see significant changes in not just my physical being but my mental being as well. I feel so rejuvenated every time after a workout, it gives me so much strength and I feel good inside and out. Do you guys feel the same after a workout??

I changed my diet habits and worked out 5 times a week and now I weigh 58 kilos, few more kilos to go.

after weight loss (2)

Few things I have realized during my weight loss journey:

  • Big No to crash diets to that matter any kind of diets, just eat healthy
  • Exercise and diet go hand in hand, without any of these weight loss cannot be achieved
  • Take stairs whenever and wherever possible
  • Learn to say NO to people, well I mean when they offer you unhealthy food
  • Just stick to the plan, it may seem hard now but one day it will just be your warm up
  • Drinks lots and lots of water
  • Another crazy benefit of Exercise is that it actually improves your memory as well
  • Instead of trusting the weighing scale, trust your measurements

This is my weight loss journey till now, Hope you guys enjoyed reading it and maybe at times related to it. With the right kind of determination, the impossible is always possible. Let’s work on this as a team.

All the best you guys!!

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