How Priyanka Lost 20 KG Weight


Real Life Weight Loss Story

We at are starting a series of real life motivational stories of real people who decided to fight the battle of fat and flab. We have some really inspirational stories on our blog. To add more to them we plan to publish your weight loss journey stories. We aim to motivate our readers to keep going on their journey and never ever give up.

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Priyanka Lost 20 KG Weight

In the past few years we have seen that the personal weight loss pictures have been stolen from our website and fake weight loss sites have been using to promote their weight loss products. Priyanka too is one of them. We had published her weight loss story but her pictures started surfacing with some fake weight loss product promotions. Here we are bringing to you Priyanka’s real weight loss journey.


Just to make our message loud and clear, we share with you a few real people who have worked hard to lose their excess weight.

Read the real life motivational story of Priyanka, who lost 20 kg weight by following a healthy diet and a regular workout regimen.

This is the life episode of a woman who hated weighing herself. She hated it because,”stepping on a scale meant dealing with my worst fears so I avoided it for as long as I could remember. All this time I would cover up my fat layers with loose and boring clothes.”

Like most of us Priyanka too had been on a love hate relationship with her weight. Most of her childhood was spent loving, “burgers and sundaes and relished them every 2 days.” In her own words, “I was a foodie and ate everything I could at a buffet just to cater to my taste buds. I knew I was overweight but I never did anything for it.” Aren’t these words true for all of us?

The moment of awakening

It was a beautiful moment gone down the drain for Priyanka when she saw her sister’s engagement pictures. She was depressed as she was just 17 year old but looked in mid 30s. (Check picture)


That was it…. as Priyanka decided to join aerobics class as she wanted to look great for the wedding. She enjoyed workout and since her body was not used to any form of activity so she began losing weight fast.

In between she had to quit the classes as she wasn’t well and there was a lot of exam pressure. Soon Priyanka found all the lost weight back. Then college was another testing ground for her as she wasn’t able to wear any fashionable clothes and look glamorous. Her mind was trying to play games with her by convincing that she was different and looked great even with all the weight.

After a while as she got adjusted to college life, she rejoined gym. This time it was different as Priyanka began working out for 2 hours daily and skipping dinner. Her start weight was 80 kg at that time. She lost 10 kg in an year but got stuck at 70 kgs.

Is skipping dinner the right strategy?

Skipping meals didn’t suit her as she developed acid reflex with gall bladder stones. It was time to go for a planned diet so she was advised to have early dinner instead of skipping it.  She began having 5-6 small meals during the day along with work out. Within a few months she was down to 60 kg.

Decision to take care of our health and eat healthy is never an easy journey but determination and hard work always pays off. Priyanka’s weight loss journey had been slow but surely rewarding. She lost 20 kgs in about 2-3 years. She gained confidence and was happy that she could wear anything.

In her words,”It is a great feeling and I am in love with the new me. All I can say from my experience is that it is hard journey but stick to it and you’ll surely win.” Yes, well said Priyanka.

The only battle all of us need to win is the battle against bulges.

Priyanka Before and After Weight Loss

Priyanka’s weight loss story is inspirational Isn’t it?

Do you have a true weight loss story to tell! We are listening.

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