Weight Loss Success Stories Before And After Photos


Weight Loss Success Stories Before And After Photos

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Weight loss requires a lot of hard work but the results are worth the effort. Here is a list of fabulous people who have won the weight loss battle. Read their inspirational journey.

Kanan’s weight loss story

Meet Kanan a middle aged woman who lost 30 kgs in 2 years!!! When she weighed 98 kgs she decided to jump into the battle field of weight loss. She surfed the web and found information about Atkin’s diet. It is a low carb diet. She managed to shed 30 kilos with the help of her low carb diet. Apart from diet, what helped her was Leslie Sansone’s walk at home program. She made it a point to go for regular walks also early in the morning every day. As you can see in the pic below her diet, workout and most importantly her strong will made her lose the unwanted kilos. You can read more about her diet plan here.

kanan 98 - 67 kg latest Swati’s weight loss story

She ran her way to fitness!! Yes, Swati did just that! She was always a chubby kid but started piling on weight when she was a teenager. In 2012 her weighing scale read 120 kgs and that was a turning point in her life. She held the helm of her health and decided to shed all the fat. She started running. It was difficult initially but she was determined. She sought the help of a dietician and with the diet prescribed to her along with regular walking and running, she managed to lose oodles of weight. By the end of 2013 she weighed 79 kgs! Read about the diet that worked for her here.

How I Lost Weight By RunningVrinda’s weight loss story

Vrinda was a thin kid but when she entered Law college she started piling on weight. She weighed around 80 kgs at that time. All this was due to unhealthy eating and gobbling up of sugar laden stuff. She then consulted a dietician and was on her way to fitness. After all her efforts she now weighs 58 kgs and is maintaining it.

Weight Loss Success Story fatWeight Loss Success Story Before

Prerna’s weight loss story

Prerna was a slim girl who weighed 54 kgs when she entered college but during her final year she had gained oodles of weight 🙁 She weighed 65 kgs!! Thanks to all the sugary drinks, fried and processed junk food. She put her foot down and adapted a healthy lifestyle. This helped her reach 49 kgs from 65 kgs in just 6 months! Superfast I say! Losing 7 inches from her waist helped her gain her good looks back. She consumed healthier food and reduced her portion size. Changes in Prerna’s lifestyle helped her a lot!

How I lost 16 kgs Weight in 6 months Prerna at max weight

How I lost 16 kgs Weight in 6 months Prerna at 49 kgs now

Mayuri’s weight loss story

Mayuri was thin as a kid but puberty brought curves along. She had to stay away from home for her studies and that increased her love for outside food. Her job was also of a nature that made unhealthy munching quite common. There came a juncture where she gained 20 kgs in just 2 months!!! She had literally ballooned up due to unhealthy eating habits, stress and also hypothyroidism. After her appendix operation she was determined to loose all the extra weight. She revamped her lifestyle totally and followed a strict diet to lose weight. You can see how she looks now!

how i lost weight indian weight loss blog (4)

Caitlin’s weight loss story

Caitlin from the United States was leading an unhealthy lifestyle that resulted in a lot of weight gain. One day when her weighing scale read 90 kgs, she decided to do something about it. Over a period of three years she was able to lose 36 kgs. She has no loose skin or stretch marks and the slow weight loss has been totally worth the wait. She was able to do this by following a low carb vegetarian diet.

How Caitlin transformedAren’t all these stories inspiring!!! You too can lose weight if you are determined. You can note that in most of the weight loss stories the piling up of kilos was due to consuming fried and unhealthy junk food.

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