Weight Loss Success Story – By Vrinda


Weight Loss Success Story – By Vrinda

Hi girls,

I know how we all are trying to achieve so many goals, amongst which most of the time is spent thinking about how to lose weight :P. Well, let me today bring to you my journey, which is still continuing.

“I was a thin kid at school, but the moment I went to law school in Pune, I realized that eating out was fun, not realizing that my jeans wouldn’t fit, the clothes mom bought for me for my cousins marriage won’t fit either. Then, started series of comments and sarcasm from relatives and my very own best friends, ‘What are you eating these days’? I was termed as lard L

God save me, until I realized that it was enough. I started going to a gym, yoga class and what not. But nothing seemed to work L I was still eating out, gobbling up pastries and whatever came to my sight. After all Pune is a fun city. Then something struck me and I consulted a dietician, who is now very famous worldwide. I followed her advice and still do the same.”

Weight Loss Success Story fat


Weight Loss Success Story - By VrindaWeight Loss Success Story – By Vrinda

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after weight loss

Few things I want to share which I have learned from this journey till now:

Never hate yourself:

Be holistic, common if you can fit into your jeans when you were 10 years old, is no big deal. I still can’t :p don’t pinch your stomach or those flabby arms, they will not vanish in a day. Realize, ho important your body is for you. Some people don’t even have complete limbs etc. So love your body foremost and then start to work out and control portions of the diet.

Divide your meals

Yes, portion control comes when you know that your stomach signals you to stop. So stop when you are done. Eat healthy snacks in between. And kick start your metabolism. It really works J, the mantra is to eat every two hours.

Don’t follow the rat race

All of us read about fad diets, superfoods; don’t hurt your wallet with all this. I am not saying don’t try these superfoods, but our culture has a lot to offer us. Like our humble heeng, mustard seeds, jeera, dhania, etc. add them to your food and see the difference. Thus, occasionally eat those chia seeds, quinoa, but they are not the end of the world.

Workout is non-negotiable

By work out I don’t mean, do heavy weight lifting or run for kilometers till you break your knees :p but do at least some activity. Even a simple jog in your park is fine, yoga class at your nearest center is good enough. Or just simply try few surya namaskars at your home 🙂

Give yourself time

I did not lose all my weight in a few months, but few years and I am still trying to tone up. Lifestyle changes really matter. Within all these years, I shifted back to Delhi, started working (sedentary job), and had to take a break from work out, since I got really busy. But things sort out. Thus, get back to your schedule and make a difference J

I will soon share my diet and workout plans. I hope you like my story. Do leave in questions if you have any. I work out at Talwalkars in Delhi and practice yoga at Bharat Thakur. In my gym training, I usually indulge in TRX and resistance training. I also take dance classes to get over my two left feet 🙁

Love Vrinda