Weight Loss Surgeries India


Weight Loss Surgeries India

There are many methods of weight loss more than the conventional diet and workout. One of such method is Weight Loss surgery. People who fail to lose weight by conventional methods opt for these surgeries.  But one needs to know the kinds of risks in these surgeries to arrive at a decision. Opt for this only if it’s do or die for you.

Weight Loss Surgeries India

Weight Loss Surgeries India

Types of surgeries

  • Restrictive Surgery- A surgery that limits your stomach capacity there by aiding in rapid weight loss. These are a little external and used through physical measures like bands.
  • Malabsorptive Surgery- These are internal surgeries which involve connections to your stomach and intestines thus aiding in least fat absorption.

Types of malabsorptive surgeries:

1. Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass Surgery:

This is one of the most successful and popular surgeries. A pouch is created in the stomach to limit food intake. A bypass is done to allow food to skip stomach there by decreasing the absorption of nutrients since stomach is the one that absorbs most. There are open, laparoscopic techniques which can be used to perform this particular type of surgery. People who are too obese can lose more than half their weight in just a year and half.

 2. Gastric Band Surgery:

 This one only restricts your food but not the digestion process. A small pouch with a small opening is created so that your stomach feels full most of the time since the food enters the stomach very slowly. These use a band to limit your stomach’s size. This is comparatively less intense than the previous one for rapid and long term weight loss.  Patients may gain weight again and need to have a strict diet and workout plan to accomplish this.

3. Sleeve Gastreactomy:

 This includes a laparoscopic resection of your stomach into a long tube which limits the food and also curbs your appetite by regulating ghrelin which is responsible for it. The stomach is sectioned off and forms a tube shaped stomach. It takes least time and patient needs to stay only for 3 days in the hospital. It is very effective and becoming quite popular among people now a days as they notice drastic reduction in weight and appetite. It does not involve your intestines and thus safer than most.

4. Revisional Surgery:

This one requires skilled and experienced doctors to perform. It repairs any trails for weight loss. There are lot of instructions in this one and is quite complicated to perform.

Risks in weight loss surgeries

  • Cardiac problems
  • Blood clots
  • Leaks
  • Respiratory problems
  • Infection

 There are general dietary risks which are direct result of  going under the knife.

  • Necessary fats also get lost;
  • Nutrients much needed are lost;
  • Unstable diet and glucose levels;
  • Loss in hormones and brain capacity due to low nutrients;
  • Ageing;
  • Weak bones and muscles.

It’s always recommended that we go for the conventional ways to lose weight but if  surgery is something that cannot be avoided then one must discuss with your doctor all pros and cons and then choose your surgery.

Do you think you would undergo weight loss surgery?