Latest Weight Loss Techniques

intermittent fasting during COVID-19 lockdown

Know About The Latest Weight Loss Techniques

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There are two new weight loss techniques that have become popular in the US. One is fasting on every alternate day and the other is counting everyday calories. According to experts, if done properly, they are effective enough in letting you shed kilos.

Alternate day fasting or intermittent fasting requires you to alternate between eating little to no food at all and then feasting in the daily diet. This weight loss trend is catching up in the US, UK and other areas around the world.

Intermittent fasting for weight loss

According to a small study, there is no major difference between alternate day fasting and other raved weight loss technique of simply restricting the daily number of calories consumed.

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The study has shown that both the weight loss techniques work well in helping individuals lose weight significantly. Isn’t that great news? Have you tried it already?

Alternate day fasting Vs Counting calories

There were 100 obese adults in the study who were assigned randomly to 3 groups. The groups were made to adhere to alternate day fasting, a calorie restricted diet or no diet at all.

The group that did alternate-day fasting could consume only 25 percent of the calories that were recommended on a fasting day for a daily diet; it was around 500 calories and the individuals were made to fast every other day. Fasting was followed by feasting where each participant could eat 125 percent of the calories recommended.

The calorie restricted diet group restricted their daily calorie consumption to 75% of the recommended intake. Participants in the fasting and calorie counting groups were given meals for the 1st  three months of the study and were on their own for the remaining 9 months.

By the end of the diet sessions, it was found that the alternate-day fasting group was able to lose around 6% of their body weight and the calorie restricted group lost 5.3%.

The dropout rate in the alternate day fasting group was 38% and in the daily calorie counting group was 29%.

Overall, this new study showed that alternate day fasting can be tough to follow but can effectively reduce obesity.

Alternate fasting does not work well in those who are frequent snackers. Individuals who have to eat every two hours are unable to do well on this diet. The ones who can naturally stay without eating for 4 to 5 hours actually do better.

People need to find out what works for them as one diet does not fit all.

Also, fasting can be harmful for people having existing health conditions like diabetes. So, before you jump the dieting bandwagon, please consult your doctor. Alternate day fasting brings major changes so you need to be careful when switching over to it.

Alternate day fasting is more of a way of tricking people to eat less food or helping people to monitor their food intake. There is no magic in the diet.

Are you also planning to switch over to any one of the above two Weight Loss Techniques for weight loss?

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