Weight loss tips for those in their 20’s


Weight loss tips for those in their 20’s

weight loss at 20
We all know that the way we manage our diet and exercise, decides our BMI. BMI can fluctuate a lot, when we are young owing to a faster metabolism. A fast metabolism makes it easier for us to lose weight. That means , if you are young, in need of achieving your ideal BMI then ‘This’ is the best time to do it.

Get Started With Best Weight Loss Tips

Top Tips to lose weight when you are in 20’s

Here are a few tips for all those looking for some serious weight loss help:


one hour exerciseOne cannot stress more on the miraculous effect of this simple activity. There are many variations and sequences available to shake that fat off nowadays.

  • You can combine cardio and strength training .
  • Strength in easy terms builds lean muscle and boosts your metabolism.
  • Try to exercise for about 45 minutes 5 times each week for minimum 4 weeks to start seeing the results for yourself.
  • Also include light intensity cardio like brisk walking or jogging in the beginning of your weight loss journey followed by long distance running. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Don’t judge yourself and make losing weight fun:

Best workout music-90s Bollywood EditionWho said you have to kill yourself while working out!

  • It is completely normal to get bored of your workout routine. What won’t be fine is giving up mid-way because of losing interest.
  • Add variety of workouts so that you stay happy and motivated.
  • Keep changing you music playlist.
  • Explore different genres and fast beats.
  • Groove to Bollywood dance steps or even dubstep beats if you’re into that sort of hardcore music.

Pick some sport of your choice:

  • Believe me, it is going to be fun to learn, or re-learn any sport. Remember that this is the time to re-establish your relationship with your once favorite childhood sport which you had to leave because of studies. How about basketball, football, squash and badminton which actually provide a complete body workout by engaging every major muscle in your body!
  •  High-intensity physical activities like swimming and horse-riding can be a great option to help you burn calories in a very short time.

Diet:volumetrics diet plan

  • The above illustration is self explanatory… isn’t it? What is the point in working out real hard and hogging a complete pizza or an ice-cream cone after that!
  • Hey dearies, CONTROL your cravings and show some RESPECT for the hard work you have done to burn those calories.

Count your calories:

  • Calorie intake must be based on your sex and level of activity. Ideally 1200-1500 kcal is suggested on a daily basis to lose weight, yet it is easy to jump that restriction.
  • Do make sure to count your calories before you consume them. Afterall you have a commitment towards a healthy  weight loss program now. An intake of 1200-1300 kcal per day should be enough for a healthy person to help lose weight. When you are on a weight loss plan, remember to count your calories for everything you consume.

Eating small portions and not skipping meals is important:The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings sprouts

  • Instead of eating huge portion twice a day, it is better to consume about 6-8 small meals in a day.
  • Do not starve as small meals will always help you to stay full for a longer time and keep your mouth munching.
  • Choose healthy snacking options like peanuts, roasted chana, aired popcorn and sprouts.
  • Skipping meals will affect your weight loss plans the most. So make a plan to have small meals and follow it strictly. Always eat food on time.

Say ‘NO’ to packaged food:

packaged food

  • You see it, you run to grab it! Run but not for junk and packaged food.
  • Avoid those packaged chips and those 2-minute noodles also for health reasons other than adding extra kgs to your body.
  • Lack of time may propel you to opt for packaged meals but how much time does it really take to munch on healthier options like apple, banana or orange?


  • sleep Talk
  • If you work hard to study, you surely deserve a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night.
  • You might be busy studying for your university exams or busy shaping your career, but you need to focus on your weight loss goal also to knock those extra pounds off.
  • Remember, you mess with your sleep and your hormones will mess with your unhealthy snacks cravings. Be wise and sleep.

Drink water:

Weight loss or weight maintenance, water is a Jedi secret to the best things ever possible.

The final self-help tip:

Do a “Selfie Challenge” timed between 2 weeks and see the results for yourself. Tried and tested challenge.

If you are in your twenties, lose weight through these tips.

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