Weight Loss Tips Followed By Nutritionists At Parties


Weight Loss Tips Followed By Nutritionists At Parties

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The wedding season is here and you might have been invited to several cocktail parties! So, it is time to have a blast! Watching your weight? Don’t get worried, you can enjoy the party as well as maintain your weight with the following tips that are followed by nutritionists themselves:

Before the party

Never go hungry to a party. If you happen to appear famished at a party, you are bound to overindulge. Always eat a snack or a mini meal that has a decent amount of protein. An apple or a few almonds are good snack options.

During the party

Some nutritionists say that they prefer drinking just one peg of whiskey for an hour instead of guzzling down too many sugary cocktails. This way you can save on the number of calories you consume. There are other nutritionists who stick to a glass of white wine and make it a point to socialize with people. You can go in for red wine too as it said to be healthy.

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Coming to the eating part, many nutritionists are selective about it. They look at what all is available and go ahead with what seems healthy. Keeping portions in check is of prime importance. Some nutritionists say that they eat what they usually don’t include in their diet at home but at the same time they make sure that they don’t overindulge. Filling the plate with a layer of raw veggies is also a good idea as your base will be healthy and you won’t indulge too much in unhealthy stuff.

Why your way of Partying might be wrong

One nutritionist says that she tries to position herself away from the food and snacks area while eating. This ensures that she remains mindful of the food on her plate and thoroughly enjoys it. It sounds like a great idea because when you don’t look at food laden tables you won’t be lured to have more.

Damage control after the party

Jump Rope workout

Most nutritionists say that they love working out the party on the next day. This way they burn the excess calories that were consumed in the party. Yes, most people do indulge a little too much at parties in spite of trying hard and working out seems like a great way to compensate for that. However, you need not push yourself too hard because in the long run, just one party cannot affect your weight and health. The case would be different for those who have to attend a string of parties :P, you would really need to burn all the calories by sweating it out at the gym!

Coming to the next day’s eating patterns, if nutritionists feel that they overdid that last night, they would have a smaller breakfast than usual but never skip it. People have this tendency of fasting followed by feasting but they have got it wrong. Never skip meals the next day, just reduce the portions of your first meal if you want.

One particular nutritionist says that she either goes out for a little walk or sip onto some ginger tea. Ginger is known to soothe a stomach that is upset and also helps with digestion.

So, these were some of the tips and tricks that work for nutritionists themselves when they head to attend parties.

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