6 Easy Weight Loss Tips For Stay At Home Moms


6 Easy Weight Loss Tips For Stay At Home Moms

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So, you are a stay at home mom who wants to lose weight. Losing weight and dieting can be tough for a stay at home mom too! But you can do a lot to slim down while staying at home. The chief thing is planning and next it is the determination to execute the plan. Here are some tips for you,

1) Count calories

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If you want lose weight, the first thing you need to control is the number of calories you ingest. It has been working well for a lot of people. The main aim behind counting calories is to keep a track of what is getting inside your body. If you don’t burn more calories than you ingest, you will end up being overweight. Weight loss happens only when you burn more than you consume.

Now, you may ask how many calories do you need in a day? Let me tell you that there isn’t a standard number of calories required by a person to lose weight and maintain it. The number of calories needed depend on an individual’s height, weight, physical activity, gender and age.

You need set a target of the numbers of calories you are going to consume. As a stay at home mom with normal health, you need to reduce your calorie intake to 1500 to 1600 calories. It is an estimated calorie count , it isn’t compulsory that you rely on it. You can set your own calorie intake count.

2) Take care of your meals

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Don’t skip breakfast. Have a filling one and then have smaller but frequent meals during the day. Have an early dinner and try your best to avoid mid-night snacking. Instead of fried food choose grilled or steamed food.

3) Exercise along with your kids

You can exercise with your young one and if your kid is a little big, you can run behind her tricycle! Make it a point to involve yourself in physical activities with your kid like jumping the rope. If your kid is just a toddler let him or her run around in the park and you too run after him/her. This will help you burn calories.

4) Buy a stroller

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Yes, investing in a stroller for your kid is a good idea. Pushing or pulling the stroller around is bound to give you a good workout. The added benefit is that your kid will enjoy it too. So, take your kid out every evening for a stroll.

5) Use a baby carrier

If the baby is too small for a stroller, you can strap him to you with a baby carrier. You get different types of them like slings, backpacks and front carriers. Strapping your baby and going for a walk will boost calorie burn and help you lose weight. Here too there is a benefit for your baby as he will love being held close to you. The touch you give the baby, enhances his brain development. While you get slimmer your baby gets smarter.

6) Buy exercise videos

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Pilates, Yoga, aerobics and kickboxing can be done in your own living room without any equipment. You get a lot of exercise CDs online. Just order them and get fit at the comfort of your own home. Try to work out when your kid is asleep 😉

Hope these little tips will help you moms in a big way! Stay healthy and fit and enjoy the beautiful phase of life called parenthood!



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