Weight Loss Tips For Those Above 30


Weight Loss Tips For Those Above 30

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When you enter your 30s your lifestyle and routine is almost set. This can result in easy weight gain if you don’t be careful about what you are eating and how many calories you are burning. At 30, your BMI is set and it can be difficult to drop kilos. The speed with which body fat percentage increases is more in this age as the metabolism slows down.


You need to combine cardio with strength training.

Indoor cycling-losing weight while socializing with friends

You should concentrate on muscle strength and definition, better bone density and increased metabolism. In order to be fit at this age, you have to put in some more effort. Try combining strength training with cardiovascular exercises such as walking or cycling to lose weight effectively. Make it a point to exercise 6 times a week for about 60 minutes.

You should do the kettlebell workout

kettlebell benefits workout

Try working out with a kettlebell in order to build lean muscles and lose fat. Using the kettlebell is like a full body workout. It tones and strengthens the whole body while boosting metabolism. Include kettle bell exercises in your daily fitness routine.

Practice Yoga

camel's pose Yoga For Weight Loss- Some Amazing Yoga Poses

Yoga is known to strengthen and stimulate the nervous system, immune system and nervous system. Yoga helps in developing core strength and stamina while helping in building lean muscles. As your body becomes less flexible due to age, yoga will help you in maintaining the right flexibility levels.

Diet tips

Start counting calories

how many calories

When you touch 30, you need to start counting your calories. The intake of calories depends a lot on the activity pattern and the number of calories burned by you. For a healthy person 1800-2100 kcal per day is enough.

Say no to processed food


You should avoid refined and processed foods that are high in sodium, sugar, fat and artificial colours. You should eat real and whole some foods such as fruits, veggies, sprouts, seeds, nuts, herbs and whole grains as they are good for health and they boost the immune system.

Drink a lot of water

The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings water

You must drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day in order to remove toxins from the body. When you have hunger pangs between meals, just drink a glass of water and bid them good bye!

Have a nutrient rich diet

Milk nutrition facts

You diet must be rich in vitamin D, calcium and omega 3 fat. When you include such foods in your diet, your metabolism will get improved.

Consume fibre rich foods


Don’t neglect fibre and make it a point to include whole grains, legumes and fruits in your diet. Fibre helps in driving out unwanted toxins and fats from the body and it beats hunger pangs too.

Diet plan

Breakfast- Your breakfast should be a mix of carbs and protein. It can be like having multigrain bread with eggs or wheat flakes in milk.

Mid morning snack- At this time of the day, you should have a seasonal fruit or something like namkeen lassi/chach or tender coconut water.

Lunch- Try having brown rice or rotis with fish or chicken. Don’t miss out the salad.

Mid afternoon snack- Enjoy nuts like almonds and walnuts as these are healthy fats. Don’t forget to have a cup of green tea.

Dinner- Have an early dinner and do include cereals like jowar and bajra along with leafy greens. You can have a cup of curd, paneer or even lean meat.

Note: The above diet plan is not for low carbers

Apart from exercise and diet, you need to stay away from stress. Stress can mess up your weight loss goals. Try meditating for 15 minutes every day so that your mind and body get relaxed.

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