Weight Loss Tips From A Dietician


Weight Loss Tips From A Dietician

Hey everyone!

Surrounded by media and fashion which spells a perfect 10 on 10 figure as beauty, many of us at some point in life have done dieting! Being a dietician I have come across so many people who question me ‘when will I lose weight?’ rather than asking me ‘when will I be fit!’ these people equate health with weight loss but let me make it clear, eat healthy to stay fit and away from diseases and not merely to have a slim starved body.

Top Eating Mistakes To Avoid

A Dietician’s Tips For Weight Loss

So here are a few tips to get fit the right way!

1. Eat Frequently:

woman-mindfully-eating-apple-weight loss

Yes you got that right. Eat frequently. Eating every 1-2 hours keep your metabolism up. Also since you are eating frequently you do not over eat during any time of the day specially evenings and midnights when most of us get junk food cravings!

2. Fruits With Meals:

This is a complete no! When we eat a meal it isused to give energy, but if we consume a fruit with meal it is treated as excess and the natural sugar in fruit is straight converted to fat!

The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings fruits

Eat fruits between your meals such as mid morning, afternoons.

3. Too Much Protein:

If you thought eating that excess amount of protein helped you give a good figure and faster results, then let me correct you! Protein if consumed in the right amount and correct time of the day will give you immense results.

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But if you go overboard with proteins body will treat that as excess food and convert it to fat for storage! Besides this it will put load on your digestive system as protein is difficult to digest.

4. Feast And Starve Trend:

Socializing and eating out is a part of our normal lifestyle. But after eating heavy food outside, most of the people try to compensate the next day by starving themselves with salad or liquid diet. This is a wrong practice. The body requires a specific amount of calories each day for its normal functioning and is this is hampered it affects the work performance. Better option would be to make wise choices when eating out.

5. Fad Diets And Miracle Pills:

The newspapers, magazines and the internet are filled with ads for products which promise weight loss overnight! But there is no such food on earth or else each one would be opting for it. These products temporarily raise the BMR but as soon as you stop taking it, all the fat you have lost comes back!

signs of a fad diet

Lastly let me tell you, weight loss is a big term. We should focus on fat loss and not just on weight loss as you could end up losing your muscle too! There is no magic wand or no tricks to fat loss. It’s a process.

Besides following these tips do not forget to drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. Exercise not for weight loss, but to become fit and healthy from within!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Happy fat loss! 😉

Do you agree to the fact that excess turns healthy to unhealthy?

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