Top Wellness Tips That Are Good Weight Loss Tips Too


Top Wellness Tips

That Are Weight Loss Tips

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Life is all about how good you feel from inside. Today’s general trend is to equate weight loss with wellness. Here we suggest some simple wellness tips that can work as great weight loss tips.

Wellness tips to Weight loss tips

1) Stop using personal care products that contain fragrance and perfume

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I am sure you are surprised to see this first tip and must be thinking about the weird connection between perfumes, fragrant skin products and weight loss! What if I tell you that my weight loss journey has so many times suffered because of such ‘hard to resist good smelling products?

If like me you are also allergic to artificial fragrant products, then beware. The fragrance used in your personal care products can be toxic, which can make you bedridden for days altogether. I never knew that I was allergic to certain fragrances till I suffered an asthma attack once and was not able to workout for a long time. This put my hard work go kaput by 4 kg in 15 days. That day I decided to do the following before using any product.

  • Just grab your shampoo or body lotion and read the ingredient list. Does it have ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ listed? It clearly means that the product contains aromatic chemicals that can cause cancer and are toxins for the nervous and reproductive system. So, go in for products that are made out of 100% natural ingredients. They may cost you more but are worth the money.

2) Allot time for yourself

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  • One of the interesting and important wellness tips that can be weight loss tips is to spare some ‘Me’ time. Practice yoga for having wellness with weight loss. Do whatever you like to do to connect with your inner-self. Make it a point to give time to your spiritual needs. You can even give aromatherapy a try; it can even be used to soothe away stress, anxiety and make you feel more calm and focused! Remember a calm and stress free mind always accelerates weight loss.

3) Choose to go easy with technology

Inactivity due to overuse of technology is one of the major causes for weight gain in people around the world.  In 2017 it has been estimated that people spend more than 4 hours a day on smartphones and are mostly glued to apps. It is habitual for most people to just pick up the phone and check out the updates on Instagram or Facebook several times a day. This is definitely not right thing to do if you are on the higher end of weight.  Dude, you surely need a gadget detox as one of the Wellness tip as that will work as Weight Loss Tip too. Chuck that costly phone and start taking care of your health which surely is costlier asset.

  • Keep your bedroom free from gadgets and if you need an alarm clock to wake you up, use an old school alarm clock instead of the one on your mobile phone.
  • Reduce the time you spend on apps on your phone to just one hour a day.

  • If you want to bring in these changes in your lifestyle, use the crystal therapy too. When you use the Crystal Shungite stone in your living space, you block electromagnetic frequencies and radiation.
  • Additionally, there are apps to help you use your phone less. It may sound pretty counter-intuitive but apps like Moment, Offtime and Onward can help you out by tracking your behaviour and the time you spend on your smartphone. This way you can get rid of your mobile phone addiction.

The changes mentioned above may seem to be trivial but have tremendous impact on your well-being and health. If you really want to improve your quality of life, you should consider incorporating these Weight loss tips in your daily schedule as Wellness tips and vice versa.

Remember being active with your toes will help you stay healthy instead of your finger tips.

Hope you liked reading these wellness tips to promote weight loss!

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