Weight Loss-Why No Results Despite Workout?


Weight Loss-Why No Results Despite Workout

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How are your exercising/workout sessions going on? I told you I will be back with the second part of my previous post here. I have jotted down some more points which more often than not drain all your hard work at the gym in the waste pipe.

Weight Loss-Why No Results Despite Workout?

Weight Loss-Why No Results Despite Workout

Do you love the sight of healthy food and forget considering portion size ?

 Though I am strongly in the favor of the theory that there cannot be a universal portion size defined for anybody and everybody. But you got to know your individual portion size for each meal ,however healthy it is. You know cereals are healthy, you know oats and milk is healthy but if you end up heaping the bowl with the same or take twice the same serving, you might be putting in the same amount of calories as in a single non healthy cake piece. Set your portion size according to your level of activity and body needs and stick to that. Do not exceed the limit just because a certain food has got the healthy tag.

Do you only believe in cardio ?

Cardio exercises are an important part of your workout but not the complete workout as a whole. For sculpting the body that you’ve always dreamt of- you need to strength train. For perfectly toned and carved body, lifting weights is very crucial. Its time you step ahead of your inhibitions for weights and dumbbells and start witnessing the shape formation for yourselves. Cardio alone can lead to weight loss but after some time you may hit weight loss plateau and may not get as good results as you are expecting. Needless to say stretching is an indispensable part of any workout you do.

Do you lift the same weight or perform same set of exercises daily ?

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Whether you workout at the gym or in your own space, if you do not intend to or work towards improvisation, you’ll not climb up the ladder of weight loss success. I mean to say that you got to raise your level of challenge each day in proportion. If you do exact same thing and same intensity day after day your body will reach the saturation point and will stop showing any further changes. Challenge yourself each day; bring variety in the type as well as level of your workouts to witness progressive level of results.

Do you sandwich your consecutive workout sessions with too long a break ?

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Training super hard one day and taking an off for the next 4 days is the perfect preparation for getting zero results. Your body sure needs a break if you over train it but why do that at the first place. You and your trainer have got to understand the difference between challenging your muscles and over training them. Do not put your complete heart and soul’s love in the workout one day and withdraw the whole system for a long time after that. Consistency is the key fellas.

Do you work on only a part of your body ?

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“I just need to reduce my bulging tummy and that’s why I do 200 crunches that’s it!” Well, doing 200 crunches will not yield as much result for you as doing cardio, core strength training and crunches together will do. Does that mean you’ll end up having unwanted leaner arms and legs too? No, you’ll strengthen your full body and condition it and have a balanced and attractive structure on the whole.

Losing weight is already a hard mountain to conquer for 90% of us and if we make blunders in the journey then the whole effort is wasted which makes it worse. Be wise and train smart to get handsome results. 😛 Yeah?

Cheers to fitness!

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