Weight Loss With Garlic- Find Out More!

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Weight Loss With Garlic- Find Out More!

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Garlic is a common spice in Indian kitchens. It is liberally used in several dishes. Its pungent flavour adds zing to food be it North Indian or South Indian cuisine. Now look at this everyday spice from a different angle and you will be surprised!

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Do you know that garlic has shown weight loss effects? No, it won’t work like magic but the studies done in this regard show a ray of hope. Though till today the research has been done on mice and a handful of humans, it isn’t a poor beginning. If something as simple and common as garlic can help individuals suffering from obesity then it is definitely great news!

Garlic helped fat mice reduce weight

Researchers from Korea did a study on mice. The scientists made the mice fat by feeding them a high fat diet for 8 long weeks. The diet resulted in obesity and then the mice were fed a high-fat control diet that was supplemented with either 2% or 5% garlic for a period of 7 weeks. The scientists found that dietary garlic actually reduced the body weight of the lab mice and this reflected the anti-obesity effect of garlic. Other effects were also found like reduction of total cholesterol.

How BMR Affects Weight loss

Garlic was successful in helping a few humans to slim down

A human study was also conducted to examine the effects of aged garlic extract on body weight. So, 30 Korean women were roped in and there was a treatment for 12 weeks along with regular exercise. The result of the study showed significant reductions in body weight as well as body fat.

A study on rats

Back in 2003, a study was published in the American Journal of Hypertension and in that study, rats were fed allicin. The results of the study were impressive. In the study the researchers used a synthetic preparation of allicin. Allicin is an active ingredient present in garlic. Before giving them allicin the rats were fed with high fructose to make them ill with hypertension, high insulin and high triglycerides.

The study showed that when the rats fed with fructose received allicin, they experienced lower levels of insulin, triglycerides and a low blood pressure. The compound allicin also seemed to be practical in preventing further weight gain of the rats on fructose diet. The rats that were not given allicin kept gaining weight on the fructose diet but the rats that were given allicin maintained a steady weight.

So, all the studies are inclined over the fact that garlic is helpful in weight loss and maintenance of a steady weight. What is lacking is solid scientific evidence but I am sure it will be out soon. Soon garlic will be the weapon to fight against obesity and over-weight.

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Garlic has side effects

Garlic is not as innocent as you think. You can’t just start eating lots of garlic without thinking twice because excess of everything is bad. You need to consult your doctor before beginning to include more garlic in your diet for weight loss purpose or other health benefits. There are a lot of things doctors know more than the internet does and they can tell you whether your current medications (if any) are compatible with garlic or not. Garlic is generally known to increase bleeding and lower blood pressure.

Consuming too much of raw garlic can result in heartburn, flatulence and an upset tummy apart from the terrible garlic breath! There can be allergic reactions too.

Hope this post on Weight Loss With Garlic was useful!

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