Weird Effects Of Running Daily

weird effects of running daily

Weird Effects Of Running Daily

Effects of running dailyIt is the most common health and weight loss advice – Run Daily. Usually, whenever there is a discussion of daily healthy weight loss routine, it is usually followed by the practice of regular running. Pertaining to the popular saying, it is also true up to a great extent that running helps human beings maintain their body, build muscles, and burn those extra calories. But just as every coin has two sides, running also has various negative impacts. Seeing the grass greener on the other side, everyone starts following running as their extensive part of daily routine but they fail to understand the negative effects of running daily. Let’s have a detailed look on what all are the weird effects of running to know more about the commonly practiced activity.

  • Self healing heart

Heart effect of runing daily

It was observed under a study that although it is generally said that running keeps us healthy but it’s long term effects speak otherwise. The research shows that running increases the temporary damage to the right ventricle. Although this effect is temporary, but it breaks the illusion that running can be beneficial no matter what. It has a negative impact on the right ventricle that affects the functioning of the human heart. 

  • Crackling Knees

knees weird effects of running daily

Have you ever wondered if running is bad for your joints? Well yes, the answer here is running is actually bad for your knees in one way or the other. Commonly known as runner’s knee, this is usually characterized by pain around or behind your kneecap particularly immediately after long periods of physical activities. Medically known as Patellofemoral pain syndrome, it occurs when the kneecap doesn’t move properly at the junction at the knee joint. Another common feature of this side effect of running is clicking sound that is made by the knees. 

  • Runner’s Face

weird effects of running daily

The runner’s face is a medical condition that is characterized by burning of the fat beneath their facial skin that creates a “skeletor” – esque shape. The excessive burning of the fat is the main reason behind the deepening of wrinkles and prominent appearance of the bones. 

weird effects of running daily

Dead butt syndrome is the term used for inflammation of tendons in the rear. The distance runners are the people who are most likely to experience it because of the continuous hours of physical activity. The overuse is a factor which is indirectly a signal from the body that you need to stop now. The pain usually starts in glutes and extends towards the back of the leg and the condition can worsen if timely actions are not undertaken. 

  • Black toe nails

weird effects of running dailyBlack toe nails are experienced by most of the daily runners, the reason being the underneath bleeding in the toes. The reason for this might be improper sized footwear which hampers the free movement of the fingers too. The solution to this problem lies in either buying a footwear a size larger or talking to the gym trainers for proper footwear suggestions. 

  • Overactive Bladder

weird effects of running dailyDo you ever feel the “I got to go” feeling, this is also a side effect of excessive running. This happens because of various reasons. One of them can be because of the increased blood circulation in the body as a result the urine production of the kidneys also increases making the bladder overactive with frequent visits to the urinal. 


So here are some of the weird effects of running daily. The people who are daily runners must know all the disadvantages. All we need to focus on are the positive results from running but learning the remedial actions before stepping out for running daily is as important to avoid weird effects of running daily.

Are you facing trouble due to weird effects of running daily?

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