Top 10 Weird Ways Of Losing Weight


Top 10 Weird Ways Of Losing Weight

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Weight loss is by no means a cake walk. You need to sweat it out at the gym and even give up your favourite food at times. However, there are tiny little tweaks that help in weight loss. Though you might find them weird, they do work to an extent.

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1) Sniff an apple, banana or peppermint

It might sound silly but sniffing an apple, banana or peppermint really works. Researchers in Chicago tried this on 3000 volunteers and found that the more frequently the people sniffed, the less hungry they felt and the more weight they lost. One theory says that sniffing food tricks the brain into thinking that you are eating the food.

2) Your breakfast should be bigger than you dinner


This may not seem weird as everyone is told to have a king size breakfast. A recent study was done on a group of obese women. They were made to consume 700 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch and 200 for dinner. Another group of ladies was given the same foods but the 200 calories were for breakfast and 700 were for diner. After 13 months, the women who ate a huge breakfast shed 18 pounds whereas the women who ate a huge dinner lost just 7 pounds.

3) Tie a ribbon on your tummy

Fitness guru Valerie Orsoni’s tip can be applied. A lot of French women wear a ribbon around the tummy underneath their dress when they go out for dinner. This helps in keeping them conscious of their tummy particularly if the ribbon starts feeling a little tight. They know that it is the time to stop eating!

4) Place a mirror opposite your seat at the dining table

A study has found that when one eats with a mirror on the opposite wall, the amount eaten gets slashed to one third of the usual diet. The explanation behind it is that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you get reminded of your standards and goals. It reminds you of the fact that you are planning to lose weight.

5) Take pics of your food

Instead of maintaining a food diary, go ahead and take a photo of it. When you keep visual account of what you eat, it will curb your intake. Clicking pics of meals and then looking at them later on can make people stop and think twice before indulging.

6) Light a candle scented with vanilla post dinner

How to practice candle meditation

The aroma of a vanilla scented candle is known to reduce your cravings for dessert. A group of 160 people actually lost 4.5 pounds of weight by wearing vanilla scented patches.

7) Eat wrapped chocolates and candy

A Swiss study found that those who had to unwrap their chocolates and candies ate 30% less. Peeling of the wrapper needs effort and this would prevent people from over indulging.

8) Surround yourself with the colour blue

Do you know why most restaurants don’t do their decors in blue? It is because the colour is known to suppress appetite. Research has found that people eat 33% less when in a blue room. The bluish lighting makes the food look less appealing. So, start eating on blue plates, dress up in blue clothes while eating and have a blue table cloth. Red, yellow and orange have to be avoided as they encourage eating.

9) Turn on the lights and go soft on the music

artificial light

The lights at restaurants are not just dimmed down to create a romantic atmosphere. It is done to make you order more food. Low lighting lowers your eating inhibitions. Talking about music, soft music in the background encourages leisurely chewing and reduce stress-related, mindless eating patterns.

10) Eat 3 bites less in every meal

Eating 3 bites less of your meal, 1 treat less a day or 1 less glass of orange juice can help in saving a 100 calories a day and that is enough to prevent you from gaining weight.

Hope you found the top 10 weird ways of losing weight useful!

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