Innovative Wellness And Health Trends

Wellness And Health Trends

Innovative Wellness And Health Trends

Every year, we tend to have a shift in our wellness, health and beauty regimes; driven by populist theories from the world of science or maybe just because the side door neighbour swears by it- whatever be your reason for the shift, we are here to make you happier by telling you what 2017’s top holistic wellness and health trends around the globe are like. Take a look, do your research and get gorgeous inside out! BTW, turmeric bumps coconut oil in more ways than one this year as a preventative medicinal agent.

Stocking up on inflammation fighting foods

Turmeric for weight loss

Inflammation can literally throw you off your daily schedule, and something which you really cannot avoid most of the times. However, take a look at the markets, holistic experts opine TURMERIC would take over as an anti-inflammation agent in almost everything this year. This comes as no surprise, since most holistic treatments have turmeric in them as an active ingredient; wellness wise, teas and potions for daily use too have included the rise of turmeric in them.

Athleisure all the way!

Wellness And Health Trends

Leisure + Atheltes, a combination for those that have busy and very active lives, but no time to shop for comfy athletic wear for work; athleisure is a new-age term coined for the same. Lifestyle and wellness wise, if your clothes are not going to allow your skin that moment to breathe, don’t wear them. With high quality craftsmanship, innovation in fashion, beauty and chic touches too, companies around the globe are coming up with athleisure clothing that can be machine washed and are apt for business wear too.

Cleanse, lose and detox

detox water

We are talking about managing your weight here. For many of us, losing weight has been a real time affair, and some do it for health reasons primarily; which is good. However, what if we told you, there are companies coming up with supplements and diet plans, which not only help you lose the pounds, but also help cleanse the internals and get the whole body’s detoxification too. Pretty cool isn’t it? Fats gone, toxins gone and the skin is left supple and shiny!

More fermented foods please

Kombucha tea health benefits

2016 saw a rise in fermented food consumption, and probiotics last year was on the top of the tops for the same. However, the trend is now going full guns with more of such fermented versions coming around- KIMCHI and KOMBUCHA for example; making many across the world salivate in their taste buds. The popularity of KOMBUCHA especially is pretty high. It has very high levels of probiotic properties, and when combined with green tea, the body gets a high dose of antioxidants too. What you would see is a large amount of fermented veggies; jalapenos and ginger beets for example!

Bored of YOGA?

How could anyone be, but if you are and still want to continue with this respected discipline, try AERIAL YOGA! Aerial yoga is fun to do and a mashup of the traditional version per se, which would include now a dose of aerial acrobatics. Along with the same, you would also have calisthenics and pilates involved, which means the entire body gets an apt workout. Don’t be surprised if more and more gyms in our country begin having harnesses galore; everyone’s planning to go aerial this year it seems!

Sushmita Sen_aerial silk

Your thoughts please!

Hope you liked reading about the latest wellness and health trends!

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