Planning Your Wellness Retreat Day

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How To Plan Your Wellness Retreat Day?

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Do you have a hectic life? Searching for a pause button? Well, you can always have your wellness retreat day. Yes, it is a day that is dedicated to restoring and recovering yourself so that there is a great impact on your well-being.

connect with nature

Want to know what to do? Here is how to go about it,

Choose a day

Look at the calendar and fix a weekday as your wellness retreat day. Now, you may ask why a weekday. With friends and family being committed to their respective work schedules, you are least likely to be interrupted. Just bunk work on that day and dedicate it to your well-being.

Plan in advance

The least thing you would want to do is to waste time on that day to decide on ways to spend it. You should instead treat this as a vacation and plan in advance. Chalk out where all you want to go. It can be anything right from spas to restaurants, museums to yoga studios. Make a note of everything.

Let people know

You can tell your colleagues and the people close to you that you are taking an off for your wellness retreat day and will not be reachable.

Give yourself 8 hours

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A good night’s sleep can do wonders to your wellness retreat day. So, the night before the vacation day, carry out a gadget detox and follow a good sleep ritual. Begin with a hot water bath and sit down with a cup of herbal tea in your hand. You can also write down what all you want to do the next day. Massage your feet with a calming essential oil and lie down on your bed. Relax each part of your body mindfully till you fall asleep.

Make the most of your wellness retreat day

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Wake up with the sun and try to head outdoors before other people do. The sound of silence is a huge luxury and you can get it only if you leave home early and that too without your phone. This way the brain will relax and the release of cortisol (the stress hormone) will get reduced.

Nature is your best friend when you seek peace of mind. You can spend time in green surroundings and write it down in your journal. Go for a relaxing bath or spa. It should be a blissful day. That is the real motive. You can head to a museum followed by a meal at a quiet restaurant. You can chose to end the day with a session of yoga.

What you need to ensure on this day is that you use minimal language and plaster a smile on your face. At the end of the day you will feel totally refreshed, de-stressed and ready for life!

Whatever you do on this day, make sure that you make the most of it and completely relax your mind, body and soul. Do this more often so that you can connect with your inner-self.

Hope you liked reading about how to plan your wellness retreat day!

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