Wellness Trends Of 2018 To Watch Out For!


Amazing Wellness Trends Of 2018!

Hey Everyone!

2018 is here! Let’s begin it with the latest wellness trends of 2018! You are on the right track if you just had a smoothie having moringa and non-dairy yogurt post-workout!


This new year watch out for the 3 most buzzing trends:

  • Moringa
  • At-home workouts
  • Non-dairy yogurts

Let us explore more about all the three trends!

1) Moringa

Drumstick leaves- Top health and weightloss benefits of drumstick

If you are thinking what it is, please relax, moringa is the leaf of the drumstick tree and it is very common in India! We have been eating it since ages and only now the West has started going crazy over it!

Yes, moringa is much is vogue as it is a nutritionally rich superfood. It has loads of vitamin A, iron and protein! Both turmeric and kale have enjoyed the limelight all this while. They are also wearing the ‘superfood’ crown. You can see moringa making an appearance in every grocery store.

Ways to add it to your diet

You can find moringa as a main ingredient in snack bars and puff bars. It is available in a powder form that can be added to smoothies and other dishes.

Now as I already said, we Indians can eat these drumstick leaves (moringa) as a side-dish! These drumstick leaves are made in most Indian households regularly and is deep rooted in our culture. Even drumsticks are used as a veggie to make tasty dishes.

Furthermore, you can see moringa oils in the beauty section of most stores! Wow, I didn’t know the beauty benefits of moringa!

2) At-home workouts

Superman Fitness for women 6 best workouts

Next up are at-home workouts. Companies are bringing workout right to your home. So, now you can burn it out in the comfort of your home. No need to head to the gym now! Popular workout studios are building online classes to help people work out at a fraction of the price they pay at the gym. That sounds like a good deal.

You can actually feel as if you are working under a real fitness instructor. This is made possible by the streaming services and apps. So, this year get ready for at-home fitness.

This particular trend is currently not in India and that is unfortunate. If you are based in the US, you can reap the benefits of these kinds of programs. The workout kits are decently priced. Hopefully these should come to India soon!  There is a surge in the sale of cardio trampolines as they are also in trend these days.

3) Non-dairy yogurt

greek-yogurt health benefits

The third most trending wellness trend of 2018 is nut milk yogurt; it would take over the conventional yogurt easily. You might already be able to spot a lot of nut milk yogurts in the grocery store.

It is great for people who are lactose intolerant and not able to consume dairy. These non-dairy nut milk yogurts are great as they have probiotics in them and have a rich flavour. To ensure that you get enough protein, it is advised that you choose a yogurt made from almond milk.

You can choose from almond, coconut, and cashew yogurt too!

What do you feel about the wellness trends of 2018? Please feel free to share below in the comment section.

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