How The West Is Improvising On Yoga?


How The West Is Improvising On Yoga?

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This is a not a boring yoga post,  but something which can enlighten us on what we are missing out on. I see India really lacking the true meaning of yoga, some of them market is a weight loss tool, some show it as for the elderly, and some believe is making new comers do 108 surya namaskars in a yoga. This is making the art somewhat loose it touch. People are flocking gyms and other kinds of exercises because our very own country is making it inaccessible. But when I moved here I see a different kind of outlook towards yoga and its other forms, I see everyone opting more for yoga and gyms are becoming outdated.

How The West Is Improvising On Yoga 1

1. Different forms of yoga included in exercises:

 How The West Is Improvising On Yoga 2

When I moved to the UK, I though my yoga moves would be the best in the class, but believe it or not, the whole class was doing a superb job, even the oldest person would do a great job. and I was no super star any more like I was in India. In India I would see very few people with that kind of flexibility. The yoga moves, surya namaskars, breathing techniques have all been incorporated in various fitness classes, like Les Mills Body Balance, Tai chi has most of yoga moves, Aerial yoga is a a cult between yoga and gymnastics. I think it is perfect for incorporating yoga and improvising it. The idea floated for yoga is not weight loss, but overall well being. The trainers do not force a move on you and tell everyone that each one has a different level of flexibility.

I think that is very positive move and it really helps preserve the genuineness of an art.

2. Schools making yoga compulsory:

Children doing yoga-How The West Is Improvising On Yoga 3

I have been checking the school schedules, in many schools, yoga is being made compulsory. Apart from yoga, they have already made swimming compulsory. Even in India, some schools have yoga lessons, but it is not performed well or on regular basis. The children here are very fit and active and they are pushed into sports as soon as they start walking. India is also moving in that direction, but some how, focus on sports is still not considered paramount and especially Yoga.

3. Professional training and licenses for yoga teachers:

How The West Is Improvising On Yoga 4

I have a keen urge to learn some form of yoga from here so that I can come back to India and teach. But it requires immense effort, there are proper schools which require recommendations from teachers, there are licenses, health check ups and police record checks, which can only make you ready for the teacher training’s. There is also a membership fee like any professional body which goes to this body for keeping the license, a Gym or a fitness group won’t employ you until you have satisfied all of the above. Further, there is always an ongoing training which keeps one updated! I think, this is the way to go, so that sanctity is maintained.

4. No concept of power yoga for weight loss!

How The West Is Improvising On Yoga 5

Yoga is not touted as a weight loss exercise, in fact people in the west, follow it more than anyone for a healthy lifestyle. They don’t aim at weight loss through mis-guided terms like power yoga, sweat yoga or I don’t know what other kinds have been invented. Instead, in the west, people are leaving gyms behind and flocking yoga classes. These classes are taken by experienced yoga gurus in India and most of them are ardent followers of Late. Shri BKS Iyengar

I wish India also recognizes its lost art and makes the trend of yoga run a positive manner.


Hope in India too Yoga will be seen with a different perspective!

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