What Are The Benefits Of Joining A Walking Group?


What Are The Benefits Of Joining A Walking Group?

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Walking groups! You must be thinking that I am kidding, but I am not :D. Yes, it may seem outdated and like a pastime meant for the previous generation but let me tell you that fitness never gets outdated.

What are the benefits of joining a walking group

So, even if you are the ‘generation next’ walking should be in your kitty! You should not keep it off your radar always! 🙂 What can be better than walking in groups? Isn’t it fun to go for a walk with a few people who think like you? So you should go ahead and join one.

There a lot of health benefits associated with walking groups. They are meant for all ages and they offer both physical and mental perks. I have a solid backing to prove my point, a study! It is a meta-study that has been done by the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The research scientists had a look at 42 studies that involved almost 2000 adults in fourteen countries.

Some people in the study had existing medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and other mental disorders.

It was found that the participants of the study who took part in outdoor walking groups witnessed improvements in the following:

  • Blood pressure
  • Resting heart rate
  • Body fat
  • BMI percentages
  • Lung function

There was also a visible improvement in overall physical functioning and power of the lung. People who were in walking groups also felt less depressed and this makes sense too as exercise has positive effects on mental health.

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3/4th of the walking group participants continued with the programme. Negative effects were found but they were like a few falls on the wet ground, that is it :P.

The study also showed that the social part of walking in groups helped people in developing positive attitudes regarding physical activity. When people walk in groups the adherence is more. The study’s finding hint that doctors and health care providers should recommend their patients to join a walking group in order to improve their health.

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Even of you meet your exercise requirements by working out alone there is something amiss and you will get that only when you have group support. Group support will help you when you stick to your goals when you try to back out. This way there is hope that one day you will meet your weight loss and fitness goals.

You see, when you are alone, your journey appears to be difficult. When a group of people move towards a goal together, the path however tricky will not be difficult at all. Holding each other’s hands you can move forward and achieve what you want to. Humans are emotional beings and success is deeply affected by emotions. If you are emotionally strong no storm, no hurdle can affect you. When a human being is alone he/she becomes emotionally unstable but once a bunch of friends are there to support him/her, he/she will be able to do miracles.

Remember, alone we can do so little and together we can do so much.

So, you should join a walking group. It is not difficult, just rope in a bunch of friends and get walking! It can be scheduled for the morning or late evening as per your work timings and preference. You can read about the general benefits of walking to work- here!

Ready to join a walking group?

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