What Do Body-Positive People Do Every Day?


What Do Body-Positive People Do Every Day?

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It has almost been driven into our heads that ‘skinny is beauty’. Well, I am thin and many people ask me how I manage to remain so; little do they know that I would love to be a little curvy. Well, we all are fighting our own demons.

The pressure is on so many teenage girls to meet the societal whim that only a thin girl can look pretty. The truth is even a curvaceous woman can look beautiful. Beauty doesn’t lie in body size and stars like Sonakshi Sinha are a great example of the same.

Away from the society’s norms, there is growing population of people who feel that it is their birthright to feel good in their bodies. Are you ready to love your body regardless of its shape and size? Then you should be doing what most body-positive people do each and every day!

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They exercise in a manner that they enjoy

Body-positive people don’t look upon exercise as something they have to do. They don’t push themselves to work out. Instead of a workout plan they have a fun plan that involves dancing, running, skiing, boxing or hiking. They just do it because they love it. They exercise because they want to, without anybody forcing them to do so. It is high time people develop such an attitude towards fitness.

They slow down and relish ever morsel!

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Body-positive people believe in eating food that makes their body feel good. And it is only healthy and nutritious food that can do so. They are aware of the fact that when done mindfully, eating food can be a great source of happiness. They enjoy their food to the fullest!

They always check if their body needs anything

Am I hungry? Am I thirsty? Am I craving a nap? The body-positive people keep checking how their body is feeling and what does it need. Once they know the need, they do the best to fulfill them.

They pamper themselves

Body-positive people know that they deserve getting pampered and they don’t shy away from doing so. It can be a massage, a simple hot water bath or practicing Yoga. They make it a point to give their otherwise toiling bodies some relaxation and a well deserved rest!

They are grateful

Are you aware of the fact that just one square inch of your hand has 600 pain sensors, 36 heat sensors, 9,000 nerve endings, and 75 pressure sensors? Do you know that your eyes can recognize and distinguish 10 million colours? Body- positive people identify their body as God’s incredible creation that makes them experience life’s joy and they are grateful for that every day.

They socialize with body-positive people

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In order to solidify your ideals, it is advised that you spend time with people who think like you. Body positive people purposefully want to stay in a group that thinks like them. This helps them in keeping their commitment of loving their not so perfect bodies alive!

Are you one amongst the body-positive people? Do you do the above things every day? Or are you someone who is constantly complaining about body size? You see, it is time to change your thinking. It is good to have dreams of a healthy you but never hate the body you are living in!

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