What Do I Do To Relax My Mind?


What Do I Do To Relax My Mind?

Hello All!!!

This post is not about weight loss, nutrition, diet plans or anything of that sort. It is about how I relax myself when I stressed out! Read on if you really want to know what all helps me!

When I was a little girl I heard the saying-‘ Life is not always a bed of roses ‘. I never understood its meaning back then. But today being an adult I know that life throws a lot of difficulties at you! It is a like a journey where there are dark clouds and thundering at times and sometimes a clear bright morning! Ups and downs are always there in life and we just have to know how to face them.

There are times when life is not very good to me. But my body being the temple of my soul has to be taken care of. So, let me tell you what all I do to relax myself.

Pranayama to the rescue

pranayama boosting energy

Though I don’t do Yoga asanas often, I do pranayama on a regular basis in the morning. When I am tensed I do a 5 minute pranayama session that involves anulom-vilom (alternate breathing) and om chanting. It is quite calming to the mind. It is said that om chanting is immensely powerful. It lets stray thoughts drift away from your mind, giving you a clearer mental vision.

Music -food for the soul

health benefits of music.2

There is nothing as relaxing for the soul as music. With relaxing music I don’t mean rock music. Slow, melodious music is something that I listen to when I am down. Mostly filmy bhajans like ‘O Palanahar’ from Lagaan or ‘Man Mohana’ from Jodha Akbar are my top preference. Even meaningful songs from the 60s an 70s serve the purpose. Tension seems to slowly melt away as I listen to the soothing numbers.

Singing aloud

Woman-Singing benefits of singing

Yes, music should not be left to just listening. Singing is also a therapy. Now, I am not a trained singer but not a very bad singer too ;)! It hardly matters how you sing, it is the act of singing songs close to your heart that is important. It is like venting out your feelings. I have songs for every mood of mine. Sometimes it is a melancholic number like ‘Kahin door jab din dhal jaye’ or a song that reflects life like ‘Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya’. I love singing my heart out, however bad it may sound to the other people at home 😛

Singing has a lot of health benefits too. You can read more about that here!

Read quotes


There is a page on face book that I have liked. It is called ‘Leasons learned in life’. They post awesome stuff on their face book page that I can actually relate to. It brings a ray of hope into my life each time I read a quote of theirs. It is something that shows you the mirror. In this fast paced life, such quotes come as a reason for us to start living and cease merely existing.

So folks, I just opened my heart out to you this time and I guess you liked this post. Maybe even you can adopt these methods to relax my mind and soul.

Hope you liked this post!

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