What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat?


What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat – Find Out!

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Munch! Munch! Munch! You just had your favourite meal! But do you know what happens inside your body when you eat? The science students out there would know but for the rest, here we go! Hop on to a gastronomical tour!

What happens before ‘Munch! Munch! Munch!’? Flashback! The hormones ghrelin and neuropeptide Y  are released and they tell your brain that you are hungry! You start eating and the amylase in your saliva breaks down the the carbs in your food and then you swallow it.

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After 20 mins are elapsed, the food gets mixed with the stomach acid to form liquid chyme. Food rushes in. It expands the stomach and pushes against the nearby organs, this makes you feel full. 20 mins are needed for the fullness signal to reach your brain. So, eating mindfully and slowly will be of help. Know more about mindful eating here- click!

What if you overeat? Your stomach acid will move upwards to your food pipe and cause an unpleasant sensation generally referred to as heart burn.

Now coming back to the process of digestion, after 25 mins are elapsed, the next stop after the stomach is the small intestine. Chyme starts trickling in and this makes the small intestine signal the brain that ‘things are almost done’!

It is here where we can talk about bloating. When food is broken down, the stomach and intestines are filled with gases as you eat. This additionally makes you feel full or bloated.

How To Control Bloating

Now after 30 minutes have elapsed, digestive juices are released by the pancreas and break down the chyme in the small intestine. This trickling down can take hours based on what you have eaten. Foods rich in carbs spend less time in the stomach. On the other hand, fat and proteins take a longer time to get digested. Now you would understand why proteins help you stay full for a longer time period.

After 1 to 2 hours ate elapsed, the food gets broken down into the simplest building blocks as possible and they are amino acids, free fatty acids and glucose. They enter the bloodstream to provide calories and nourishment to the tissues and organs.

After 2+ hours, you can either use the energy or store it!  If you have had a heavy meal, all the extra calories are stored as fat in padded spots all over the body. As they get filled up, the fat cells release a hormone called leptin that helps in reinforcing that you are full!

That is all about it!

Hope this post has been informative and you know what happens inside your body when you eat!

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