What Happens When You Overeat?

Stress and Weight Gain

Find Out What Happens When You Overeat

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All of us wait for an opportunity to splurge on our favourite food. Right from pizzas to special thalis, burgers to pastas, we all have a special kind of food that makes us go weak in the knees. The love for the food is so much that we don’t bother about the portion size!

Overeating, when turns into a regular habit leads to weight gain and many other health issues. Read on!

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So what happens when you overeat?

After gulping down your favourite pizza, and your extra large dessert, here is what happens to you!

Your stomach gets swollen up and hurts

By the time you are done, you feel as if your stomach will explode and it starts hurting. Popular belief says that overeating makes your stomach stretch permanently but that is not true. There is only a temporary swelling that can push against other organs in the abdominal cavity which is not good.

You feel sleepy

When the body digests your meals, blood sugar levels rise and the body produces more insulin in order to get rid of too much of sugar. High levels of insulin are associated with sleepiness. So, a heavy meal high in carbs can make your insulin skyrocket and make you feel super sleepy.

You have bloating and gas

The body has trouble digesting some foods like dal, beans and cabbage and they lead to gas buildup in the intestines. When you eat too much, your body takes a longer time to digest the food causing more gas and making you feel bloated for hours. Eating quickly or drinking aerated drinks along with it only makes the problem worse.

You get acidity

The stomach produces gastric acids to help digestion of food, so the more you eat, the more acid the stomach needs to produce. Since a large meal takes a longer while to pass through the digestive system, it increases the probability of an attack of acidity. A spicy meal can trigger severe acidity.

You feel hungry again too quickly

A large meal would make you wonder if you have to skip dinner but surprisingly after a few hours you are hungry again! This happens because a large meal caused an insulin spike that lasted for a few hours and later crashed. As insulin has a dominant role to play in regulating intake of food, you get hungry within a few hours of an enormous meal.

What should you do?

Do not lie down after a heavy meal as it will slow down your digestive process further. Try to move around a bit like going for a slow walk.

You can sip on buttermilk or chaas as it helps in digestion and reducing acidity and bloating.

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Try yoga poses such as pawanmuktasana or the wind relieving pose that will help in getting rid of excessive gas.

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The bottom line:

You should stop overeating. Though it is okay once in a while, don’t make it a habit.

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