What Happens When You Sleep Drunk?


Find Out What Happens When You Sleep Drunk!


Have you ever had too much of alcohol at a friend’s party and gone to bed rather tipsy? Do you know that when your blood alcohol level is more than 0.05% you will affect your sleep quality? This may seem counterintuitive as drinking alcohol makes you fall asleep faster but the sleep will not be restful and satisfying. It can wreck your body’s chemistry.

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Here is what happens when you sleep drunk.

1) You fall deep asleep rather too quickly

Studies reveal that alcohol will make you make you sleep pretty quick. However, it is not a sleeping aid. It may help the initial sleep cycle but will negatively affect the remaining part of it. The impact of alcohol is reduction of the time needed to fall asleep. Moreover, higher the alcohol dosage, the deeper the sleep.

2) Your heart rate gets elevated

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Under the influence of alcohol, your sleep is not as peaceful as it seems. Your heart rate gets elevated and the nervous system becomes more active than normal. The heart rate and blood pressure usually increase in later REM sleep but the alcohol is said to disturb the flow of the natural processes. You will feel less rested in the morning and have under eye circles.

3) REM sleep gets disturbed

A low dose of alcohol might not affect your short REM in the initial stages of sleep but please know that any amount of alcohol can delay and disturb the later REM cycles. Usually, there are 5 to 7 cycles of REM sleep in a night but alcohol can decrease that to just one to two. REM is a restorative sleep that allows the brain to process the stress, memories and emotions of the day. It is so crucial to get sufficient REM sleep at night that the next time you fall asleep your body will make up for it with longer cycles. Lack of REM sleep will leave you groggy.

4) You sweat and visit the washroom frequently

When drinking before bed, you will notice that keep waking up in the night to use the washroom and yearn for a glass of water. Alcohol is diuretic and it makes the body release fluids as it blocks the hormone that helps the body hold its water. Waking up for trips to the washroom can disturb your sleep. When you wake up there are chances that you will wake up smelling like a bear. This is because of all the sweating during the night. You will also be dehydrated by morning.

5) You snore and do a lot more

Alcohol can cause snoring, sleep talking, sleep walking and impaired memory.

6) You keep tossing and turning

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You will tend to wake up in the early hours of moning usually between 4 and 6. Alcohol interferes with deep sleep and as the alcohol starts wearing off, the body comes out of deep sleep and goes into REM sleep, which is a lot more easier to wake up from. As the alcohol gets processed by the body, without the sedative effects, you toss and turn in the bed.

7) You wake up tired

You wake up sweaty, groggy and a bit depressed. This is followed by a headache, which is terrible.

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