What I Got For Juicing-Breville The Juice Fountain Compact


What I Got For Juicing-Breville The Juice Fountain Compact

Hello fitness freaks,

Only a fitness freak can truly understand how important fruits’ and vegetables’ juices are in a person’s life!

I personally love sipping non processed juices throughout the day. The juices not only help in keeping me fit and active the whole day, they also provide the added benefits of beautiful skin and hair.
For a beauty blogger it is really important to have beautiful skin and hair and the raw juices help me achieve that. Raw juices make our body healthy and this is reflected through the fitness, skin and hair.

It is truly said that we are, what we eat!

Just like me, if you too are someone who cannot imagine a life without fruit & vegetables’ juices, then you can surely understand how hard can it be to get fresh juices daily! Relying on markets for fresh juices is not always the right option and making it on your own daily in a busy schedule without the right juicing machine is not great too. Rather at home things become more of a mess and then we have a big chore lined up in our already busy schedule.

I really wanted a juicer with high voltage and smooth functionality so that I can get fresh juices for myself at the ease of home and with minimum time consumption.

Breville The Juice Fountain Compact 1

One of my friends knew this desire of mine and gifted me the Breville The Juice Fountain Compact. Well I was really happy to have this as a gift as -Breville The Juice Fountain Compact is a popular juicer and has garnered a lot of appreciation for its compact size, smooth functionality and less noise creation.

Know more about Breville The Juice Fountain Compact.

About the Breville The Juice Fountain Compact: Breville Juice Fountain Compact. Compact design packed with power. Collects pulp within the footprint of the unit to conserve counter space.

Breville The Juice Fountain Compact 4

Delivers all the power and performance you’d expect from a Breville juicer. The 700 watt motor spins the filter basket at 14,000 RPM to extract 8 oz (250 ml) of juice in a mere 5 seconds.

Price: $99.99

Key features: There are a lot of features which signify why this juicer is probably considered one of the best juicers.

  • It’s single speed functionality makes juicing simple. One does not need to worry about various settings. All you need to do is to simply flip the switch and add your choice of fruits, vegetables, or a combination of both.
  • It has a 3″ extra-wide circular feed tube which saves preparation time. Large feed tube allows to process most whole fruits and vegetables, saving the time and cleanup. Simply drop a whole tomato or carrot directly into the feed without any extra preparation and you shall have your juice.
  • It’s durable, dependable blades easily grind skins and rinds. The mesh filter and blade assembly ensures long-lasting performance, while retaining the many micro-nutrients in fruit and vegetable peels.
  • 700 watts for strong and smooth operation. The powerful motor that it has ensures the use of juicer repeatedly without worrying about overheating. It is its high power that actually got this juicer into my wish list.
  • It has an internal pulp storage which saves space. A 1.6-quart interior pulp container creates a truly compact juicer, giving more room on the countertop.
  • It also has a 25-oz. juice jug with froth separator reduces foam. BPA-free container collects your juice with a minimum of froth and oxidation, maximizing nutrition and minimizing spoilage.
  • It does not have many pieces. With only three pieces to assemble, you can have your juicer ready in moments, rather than minutes. It is convenient as well as time saving.
  • It is top-shelf dishwasher safe for speedy cleanup. You can even save the time in hand washing by simply placing the parts in the upper rack of your dishwasher.

Breville The Juice Fountain Compact - JUG

I am really glad that my friend gifted me this tiny juice monster…. Tiny and monster do not really get along, but this is how I like to describe my new found love. My friend got it a deal, which means that she did not really had to pay even $99.99 which makes it even a better deal. Since it was a gift I do not exactly know how much discount did she get? I am yet to use it, but I am sure that this is not going to let me down. I am already in love with this. And yes, it has a one year warranty too.
I have found myself a quicker way to juice my fruits and veggies, how do you make juices for you?

Will you go in for this juicer?

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