What Is The Ideal Body Fat Percentage For Men?


What Is The Idea Body Fat Percentage For Men?

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The main stressful issue among men and women these days in life is fat. How much calories are taken with food, drinks and how much burnt in a day is a whole day affair. Generally, obesity leads to several health problems such as heart diseases, thyroid, arthritis, asthma, knee pain, etc. to combat with such issues the main significant way advised by experts is exercise. When a person starts his exercise regime, he focuses mainly upon his overall weight by using weigh scale machinery. But actually that method is wrong. What is normal body fat for men? Do you know that? If no then you must consider taking consultation from a dietician or health center where the body mass index calculating machine is installed.

How BMI is measured?

  • body fat men BMIFirstly, you are supposed to tell your correct age and then height is measured by using a vertical scale mounted on the wall.
  • Secondly, these two figures punched into the machine and you are asked to stand head straight on the foot print marks over the machine.
  • Thirdly, after three beep sounds, you will be asked to step down and a paper with correct body mass index will appear.

However, body fat is mentioned separately, whereas bone density and water content in the body are written clearly in percentage form. Even normal body fat to be lost is mentioned which helps you in planning a definite target.

Weight management chart

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Depending upon average body structures the normal body fat that men should have is 18 to 20% only. In case both the genders are above 35% body fat are considered to be obese and commonly said as overweight. To keep a check on your BMI you must check out applications that are available online. Mostly you would have started doing exercise at home or in a gym without noticing the body structure you possess and bone density. Actually, you may look overweight as per height and age, but it is your bones also which are very much responsible for heaviness.

You cannot cut down the weight of your bones off course, but yes, you can mainly target the body fat if it is above normal percentage i.e. 18%. In order to know the exact weight and how much you need to lose to attain normal body fat you can follow the table which is available online on reliable body weight management sites. Therefore, weight management is a necessary target of every healthy individual nowadays. One should keep an eye on their calorie intake and do not stress their body by eating oily and rich fat food throughout the day. A normal body demands 2 to 6% fat each day as a source of energy to work, exercise and to use physical stamina. But those who are not even consuming average fat also faces the weakness, vision problems, low blood pressure and many more. You can download an application on your Android phone for BMI calculation and calorie check without paying a single penny. Use it and stay healthy without promising on favorite food and beverages all day long.

So now you know what is normal body fat for men?

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