What Is Whoosh Effect And How It Impacts Weight Loss?


What Is Whoosh Effect And How It Impacts Weight Loss
whoosh effect

We all know that weight loss is all about creating a good caloric deficit. If you follow our blog then you must have seen references to this calorie deficit many times. Calorie deficit as you all must be familiar with is all about burning more calories so that you consume only 1200 calories. Personally speaking I try to eat healthy whole day (at times cheat too :P) but before I go off to sleep I try to burn extra calories that I ate. How I come to know how many calories I have consumed, if you are wondering that, then let me tell you that I take help of Myfitnesspal.

Those who are on a weight loss journey know it well that the amount of weight we lose each week is never consistent. There are a few weeks when you lose a lot but then some weeks, you don’t lose any weight. The scale refuses to budge despite a good calorie deficit. You get frustrated and then the following week, you’ll suddenly lose a whole bunch of weight all at once – in fact, much more than you would expect to lose in just one week.

Why this happens?

But how could this be? You wonder as you eat the same amount of calories, exercising the same way yet lose in such a staggering way every week? Well, the answer is “the whoosh effect”. If you are wondering what woosh is then read on.

What Is The Whoosh?

As I mentioned above the phenomenon of losing- not losing and then suddenly losing a lot of weight is what Whoosh is.

The term ‘whoosh’ was first coined by Lyle Mcdonald, a renowned nutritionist. According to him when we diet we often notice that our body fat feels to be a little squishy and then when the whoosh takes place all of that squishy fat suddenly becomes tight. As a result we start looking lean along with the strange drop in weight on scale.

Why Whoosh happens?

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The logical reason for this Whoosh effect is water retention. Reason being when we maintain a good caloric deficit, our fat cells are emptied of triglyceride and our body breaks it down for getting energy. As a result, the fat cells end up temporarily filling back up again with water as they do not immediately shrink. Due to this gain in water no decrease in body weight is seen even when there is the actual fat burn. After some time, suddenly the fat cells flush all of the water and shrink down leading to a big weight loss. This is why the Whoosh effect takes place.

Thus in fact we burn fat consistently yet it becomes visible after the whoosh. The Whoosh makes the scale move and tighten up the body.

Should Whoosh effect be avoided?

People say that it can’t be avoided but I ask them that why should it be avoided at all. I feel the whoosh effect can be a great way to keep one motivated while on a weight loss plateau. It can actually keep the frustration level down which is so peculiar during weight loss journey. It has been observed that people with higher levels of water retention experience more whoosh effect.

Standing on bathroom scale concept for dieting, slimming or overweight
Standing on bathroom scale concept for dieting, slimming or overweight

How to increase Whoosh?

1. Have a heavy carb filled meal. The intermittent carb refills especially while on a low carb diet can cause great whooshes.

2. Alcohol has also been known to trigger whooshes.

3. Increasing calories for a meal can trigger whoosh. In fact, it can make Whoosh happen with a more than a kilo or two down overnight.

The Whoosh effect is just a natural pattern during weight loss efforts so better not to either dread it or keep waiting for it. Just keep a check on your diet and if you ever get into the weight loss stagnation trap, enjoy a nice cheat meal and don’t forget to include a good amount of carbs, as it reduces cortisol levels resulting in weight loss with a Whoosh.

So are you ready for a Whoosh Effect during your weight loss journey?

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