Workouts For Your Body Type-What Is Your Body Type?


What Is Your Body Type?

Hi everybody,

I know what question you are going to pop at me. Long time no see? Yaa, I know I have been busy and not interacting enough with you guys but that does not cut down my love for this place. Probably your love is the reason why I keep hitting back here and I am yet again back with a series proposed by Tarun- Knowing our body types and chalking out workout plans accordingly.

What Is Your Body Type?

Let’s call the series – Workout For Your Body type !

Not everything works for everybody- that is a hard known fact. Where I stumble upon weight training for my weight woes, I have seen some others vouching for running alone. No one is right or wrong here; it is just about going as per your individual body commands. So we are going to start today with getting to know the most perpetuated body types.

Types of body

There are three main body types believed to be prevailing-

  • Endomorph

  • Mesomorph

  • Ectomorph

While some individuals are solely and completely of one body type, some others have a mix of two body types. I fall in the latter category. We’ll come to my personal description later. first let’s understand what these types mean.

What Is Your Body Type


These are people whom most of us hate for being the luckiest people on earth; meaning the ones who remain lean no matter what. They eat more or exercise less- it doesn’t really matter. They would always have this slim body no matter what they do. Ok, jokes apart; there other features include good metabolism and active nature. While they have difficulty gaining weight (sighhh) they have difficulty gaining muscle mass too. the body frame is always small with bone structure being light.

Overall, these are people mostly envied by the lot falling into the other categories.


People with this body type are neither lean nor curvy; they are well built and muscular instead. They have an even body and generally tend to be strong. For them loosing fat is easy and gaining muscle mass is easy as well. The structure is mostly broad with well build bone frame.
Personally, I envy people who are completely mesomorphs. Their bodies respond really well to any form of workout.


People with naturally curvy body, fall into this category. They tend to acquire weight very soon and have a hard time loosing it. They generally have a slow metabolism and get fatigued soon. The overall structure is round with a soft body type.
In short, these are people who say “Mujhe to paani bhi lagta hai”. Such people have to put in a little more effort in order to get their desired body.

Categories being explained, there is not a word as “never” for either of these lots. Some have to put in effort into one area while others into another one but each person on this planet has to work to get his/her desired body. These categories are just to understand the phenomenon of how and why one body reacts or responds to a certain type of activity. Also, this makes chalking out of effective workouts for an individual an easier job.

Furthermore, it does not necessitate a person to fall in one category alone. We can be a mixture of body types too. Read the features and understand your body well.

My body type:

Ah well, I am a mix of mesomorph and endomorph. That is I have a curvy and soft body which is a feature of endomorphs but I have a well built bone structure and I respond to workouts really quick which is a feature of mesomorphs. So I am a mix breed you see. 😛

knowing your body type
Now it’s your turn to analyse and find out your body type. Let me know in the comment section which categories do you fall in. At the end of the day we’ll see which category dominates on IWB. :p
I’ll meet you next Thursday starting with individual body types and what suits best to whom. Stay tuned.
Until next time take care!

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