What Makes Anil Kapoor Ageless? Fitness Mantra & More


What Makes Anil Kapoor Ageless? Fitness Mantra & More

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Anil Kapoor-the star seems to be ageing in the reverse order! Just look at him and you feel that he looks a lot younger than what he was in his prime. Recently on a TV show I saw him do push-ups! Wow! Doing full fledged push-ups isn’t easy for anyone but Anil Kapoor at the age of 58 is doing so without feeling uncomfortable. He is fit as a fiddle according to his age! He can be crowned as one of the fittest stars of tinsel town even if he has not hopped on to the six-pack abs bandwagon. What makes Anil Kapoor ageless? Let’s find out how the star manages to stay so young and fit!

Anil Kapoor fitness mantra

Fitness secret

According to Anil kapoor, the key to fitness is living a happy as well as a lifestyle. It is not just Salman Khan who swears by cycling, even Anil Kapoor is someone who belives that cycling is the perfect workout. He is known to go cycling early early in the morning. He often goes to his sets by cycle with a car with his staff following him. According to the star, cycling isn’t just a good workout, it is great fun too! He finds it difficult to ride his cycle in the heavy traffic and pollution, so he chooses to go for a ride early in the morning.

Diet secret

He is known to stick to his fitness regime very religiously. Talking about food it is said that he follows a very strict plan. For three days a week, he stays away from solid food (OMG!!) and instead drinks a solution of water that is a vital nutrients mix of minerals and carbs. On the fourth day of the week, he has light food and gradually gets back to eating normally by weekend, the cycle of this diet repeats every Monday.

Things don’t stop with the strict diet. He is always under strict medical supervision too. A doctor comes to visit Anil Kapoor every day to make a note of his blood pressure and other essential health parameters. This has been a part of his routine life for a couple of years. He also feels that drinking water is important. Drinking 4 to 5 litres of water each day is no rocket science for the fit star.

Anil Kapoor fitness mantra 2

Positivity matters

Apart from a strict diet and regular cycling, Anil Kapoor firmly believes in having a positive outlook in life. No matter what the circumstances are, you should be positive. The moment you let your life fall prey to negativity, you let in stress that adversely affects your mental as well as your physical well being. He admits that life does have pressures and at times things can really get hectic but the mantra that you should adopt is simple- Set your priorities in life and try your best to look at the positive side.

He feels it is essential to have a healthy lifestyle, such as staying away from excessive alcohol can really help you to stay fit. You needn’t starve yourself, just keep a check on your eating habits and most importantly, don’t take your health for granted.

The actor insists that one should root out the causes of negativity. He says that it is not bad to be ambitious but when you begin worrying about competition, you start inviting stress. He has always kept one thumb rule in his life and that is ‘concentrate on your work and leave the rest’. He never lets competition affect him or insecurities to creep in as he is focused on work. He works honestly and sleep well at the end of the day.

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