What Makes Salman Khan Ageless-Fitness Secrets & More


What Makes Salman Khan Ageless-Fitness Secrets & More

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Salman Khan is everywhere in the news as he has been found guilty in the hit and run case. We are not getting in to the details because this post is not about the case but about Salman’s fitness. He looked so fit and young during the proceedings in the courtroom! Do you know his age? He is 49! Does he look his age? It is a big NO! Has he got his hands on the magic potion of youth? He has proved that age is just a number and a person can have a control over the aging process. Now, what does he do to look young and energetic? Let’s find out!

Salman Khan fittest Bollywood star

The main reason behind his fitness is his strict workout and diet routine. He is known for his amazing physique and personality. Salman Khan used to be very thin and slim when he made his debut. He has built a strong body over time.

Salman Khan’s diet

Salman’s diet is elaborate as it consists of several things that provide him with different nutrients. He hasn’t hired a fitness trainer and has done everything on his own. So, let’s have a look at his diet!

Early morning– During his movie shoots, Salman gets up early in the morning and drinks water. The water is oxygenated that helps in energising him.

Morning– For breakfast Salman has

  • Eggs
  • Bread and butter
  • Rotis
  • Mixed veggies
  • Low fat milk

At times when he isn’t shooting, he likes to have a heavy breakfast while spending time with his family.

Lunch– Salman is very particular about his diet and he takes special care about it. For lunch he has

  • Non-veg and fried fish
  • Salad
  • Lots of fruits

Dinner– His dinner usually includes the following-

  • Chicken and fish
  • Veggies and different kinds of soups
  • Italian food as he enjoys Italian cuisine

Salman likes to party hard and also consumes alcohol, on such days he likes to take different foods.

Salman Khan’s workout routine

For more than 25 yeras, Salman has been maintaining his body. Do you know that he is the only Indian celeb to do so? He has not just impressed other celebs in India but is a living example for them. Salman khan has a strict fitness regime. He doesn’t miss out on his workouts no matter what! Even when he is busy, you will find him working out at least for a little while.

Let’s peep into his workout routine,

Salman Khan does a tough cardio workout. He works out for at least 2 hours. At times you will find him cycling on the streets. He covers a distance of about 50 Km while cycling. He does 1000 push-ups or 2000 sit ups in a day during his intense workout sessions. He doesn’t believe in taking any kind of medicine and firmly believes in maintaining his body the natural way.

In a nutshell, here is his workout routine

  • One hour of jogging/cycling
  • Dead lifts
  • Bench press
  • Shoulder press
  • Cool down after a heavy workout by slow walking on the treadmill.

salman khan working out

What does he do when he is short of time?

When Salman is pressed for time, he does crunches, reverse crunches, side planks and back extensions for at least 25 minutes.

You see, it is not easy to have a body like what Salman has! What he has today is because of years of hard work and practice. Along with a strict workout regime and food habits, he has dedication in himself!

Are you inspired by Salman’s workout routine and diet?

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