What Nails Reveal About Your Health


What Nails Reveal About Your Health

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The last time I went to the Doctor, she asked me to show her my hands. As soon as she saw she said, ”Oh! You are wearing nail paint!” I always do you see!! I was wondering why she got disappointed on seeing my nail paint. Was she a nail paint hater 😛 ? Actually no, I realized it later that she wanted to examine my nails. But what will nails say about health? The truth is that they speak volumes about one’s health. This post is meant to throw some light on the link between nails and the underlying health condition.

hand and feet nails

Darkened Nails

It can indicate an underlying problem. It can either be a natural pigment like a freckle or form of skin cancer if it a dark line from the nail cuticle till the tip. At times it can be a fungal infection if it is green or dark grey in colour.

Blue-ish Nails

Bluish nails mean bluish nail beds which mean that your fingertips are not getting sufficient oxygenated blood. This indicates that blood circulation is bad in your feet and hands or the lungs are not oxygenating the blood properly in your entire body because of a disease of the lungs or the heart.

Whitened Nails

Whitened nails can be linked to liver disease! If you happen to notice whitened nails, please check with your doctor.

Thinning Nails

If your nails are peeling and getting thin or are concave (spoon like) then you may be suffering from iron-deficiency anemia.

Brittle Nails

dry brittle nails

Your nails are hard but they break easily. Hmmm, it is a sign of dryness or perhaps something related to your thyroid. Also check if you have very dry and thin hair.

Vertical Ridges

You develop vertical ridges with age. It shows that root of the nail is drying out. You can always solve this problem by using moisturizers and ointments. Vaseline anyone? 🙂

Horizontal Ridges

When you happen to spot horizontal ridges on your nails that are otherwise normal, it directly means that there was some kind of stress, trauma, illness or a metabolic problem for a brief period. After that time the nail started growing normally.

Separated from the Nail Bed

If your nail is detached from its nail bed you have a fungal infection under the nail. It may also be due to consumption of certain medicines. Anyway, pay a visit to your doctor.

Flattened angle at cuticle

If your fingertips are club shaped with broad, flattened nails and cuticles it means that your blood is not oxygenated properly. The underlying disease can be different for the young and the elderly.

Small pits

Having small pits in the nail can indicate psoriasis. It can be just till the nails and be harmless but it may also indicate skin psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis. Psoriasis is associated to a higher risk of heart trouble, so the nail pits can help in finding out the underlying problem.

Thickened nails

If your nails are thickened, it is not necessary that you have a fungal infection. It would be better to get a test done before starting the treatment. At times thickening of nails can be due to psoriasis. So, it is not just the pits that indicate psoriasis even thickened nails can be a sign.
Your fingernails take 6 months to grow out and toe nails take a year. This bit of information can be helpful in knowing for how long you have been having a particular health problem. Always consult the doctor when you spot something unusual on your nails.

If you have spotted certain nail signs, don’t ignore them!

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