What Not To Do To Lose Weight?


Find Out What Not To Do To Lose Weight

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Hello All!!!

Are you on a weight loss diet? Eating more of healthy foods these days? Good! To help you out here is what not to do to lose weight!

1) Viewing diet as deprivation

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Most individuals turn up to dieticians and say that they want to eliminate sugar or fat completely from the diet. However, doing so will only make you feel craving more for it. It is not a sustainable way of eating.

2) Completely avoiding a food group

Search for a balance when it comes to consuming macronutrients. There is nothing called a good or bad food group in any diet. If you do so, you will only feel restricted with food and may abandon the diet. You need protein, fruits, veggies, grains and healthy oils every day. Just make sure that you eat everything in moderation.

3) Looking for an easy way out

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These lose-weight-quickly diets are popular because people are always on the lookout for a quick fix. Weight loss does not happen in a jiffy. You need to change your diet and lifestyle to really bring in the change. So, stop following fad diets and throw away the diet pills into the dustbin.

4) Making too many food rules

If you are forcing too many food rules onto yourself, then it is time you stop doing so. It will make you ditch the diet and break loose. So, don’t make it a prison for yourself. Rules like not eating after 8 pm, eliminating sugar and the like can do more harm than good.

5) Keeping food flavourless

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Add spices to food to make it taste good. Your diet should not be boring or else you are more likely to give it up. So, for example, if you are having a salad, just spice it up with chaat masala.

6) Saying no to fats

Most people have the notion that fat is their biggest enemy when it comes to weight loss. Due to this fear you cut out the healthy fats from your diet too. So, make sure that you have sufficient nuts and seeds in your plate. Learn more about healthy fats here – Click!

7) Skipping meals

fasting benefits

This is a common mistake committed by most people who want to lose weight. They feel that this way they will lose weight faster but it is not true. You will fall off track when you under eat and stay hungry too often. You should have 3 meals and 2 snacks a day to have enough energy.

8)  Not taking liquid calories into account

Liquid calories mean calories from fruit juices, alcohol, tea and coffee (made with milk and sugar). You need to take them into account too! If you buy a beverage for yourself, don’t forget to read labels and find out what it contains.

9) Not exercising

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Both diet and exercise is important for weight loss. You need to exercise 3 to 5 times a week to see results. If you focus only on diet and ignore working out, it won’t help.

Hope you liked reading about what not to do to lose weight!

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