What To Do After You Overeat


What To Do After You Overeat

Do you feel guilty after you overeat ? Do you curse yourself too ? Do you feel like you had not overeaten ? Do you think what to do..what to do after you overeat ?

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Let me explain what to do after you overeat

what to do after you overeat

1. Forget that you overate

Stop fretting ! Forget that you overate. I have seen my friends fasting the next day after overeating. For God’s sake, our body doesn’t store what you ate the previous day which you can melt away by fasting the next day.

2. Drink water in excess

From the moment you realize that you have overeaten, start flooding yourself with water. If you drink excess water the next day, your stomach will feel full and you will eat lesser that what you normally do.

3. Bounce back on track

Revisit your goals and be strict on yourself. Tips to set your goals here and how to achieve your goals here. Don’t think of cheating even a bit, remember you have had your day !  Stay away from sugar and junk.

4. Increase antioxidants

Antioxidants help to flush out toxins from your body. They work on bloating and pep up your metabolism. If you like green tea, have 2-3 cups of green tea next day after you overeat.

5. Get sweaty

As soon as you digest your food, you must WORKOUT. If you overate during lunch, go hit the gym in the evening or go for a brisk walk. In case you had a heavy dinner, then the next day is your sweaty day. When you sweat, you release toxins from your body which causes detoxification.

6. No cheating for a week at least

Eat clean for the entire week. Have lots of local food and keep junk at bay. Your digestive system needs to rest after overeating. Give your body REAL food. Try not to cheat and stick to your diet at least.

7. Sleep Well and Don’t Stress

Taking a good sleep is extremely important for health and shedding pounds too. You will overcome the guilty feeling once you eat healthy for 2-3 days and workout.

8. Keep yourself busy

If you keep yourself busy the next day, you will not think about your overeating act the previous day. If you can’t move on and still feel guilty, keep yourself busy.

Now you know what to do after you overeat ! If you have more tips, share with us.