What To Do Before Noon To Lose Weight?


What To Do Before Noon To Lose Weight?

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Trying hard to lose weight? Well, weight loss is more of a lifestyle change. You need to change your eating habits, physical activity levels and sleeping habits too! Have you ever wondered whether the time of the day can affect your weight loss efforts? Well, yes it can. It is a fact that early morning sunshine can make you feel alert, focussed and energized. This will make you develop habits that will help you in shedding excess kilos. Here is a list of 5 things to add to your morning routine and lose extra weight easily.

1) Sleep for a little while longer

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No, I don’t tell you to wake up too late! Waking up too late will result in unnecessary chaos as you will have to rush to get ready and reach office on time. And you might even begin skipping breakfast! Instead just give yourself a snooze time of half an hour as it can make a difference. The extra sleep can actually be helpful as you will be well rested. According to a nutritionist, people who have not taken adequate rest are more likely to eat more during the day. Studies have also shown that a prolonged lack of sleep has a negative effect on one’s metabolism.

2) Begin your day with a glass of water

The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings water

Drinking water in the morning is a very good habit. It wards off bloating. If you want to add some zing to it, you can squeeze in a lemon and drink it. Drinking lemon juice in water in the morning is good for health. To know more click here! Along with the benefits you will get a good flavour without any extra calories! This doesn’t mean that you should not eat anything in the morning. Having a solid breakfast in the morning is very important as it helps in keeping you full.

3) Protein packed breakfast

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Having a healthy breakfast in the morning provides you immense energy to take the day head on! Eating just complex carbs is not sufficient as it won’t give you the same energy as a combination of carb and protein can. Both protein and carbs need to be consumed to make you feel full and keep the levels of blood sugar in check. If you want to know about protein packed Indian breakfasts click here.

4) Workout in the morning

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If you are someone who goes for a jog in the morning or begins the day with Yoga then congratulate yourself as you are on the right track! Early workouts help in boosting your metabolism and making you feel positive. Just 10 minutes of stretching or running can get your blood flowing and make your metabolism run at top speed.

5) Carry healthy snacks


‘Snacks’- the word reminds you of all the fried delicacies, right? If you want to lose the unwanted kilos, you should be consuming the right kind of snacks. If you happen to make bad snack choices, you will be ruining your diet! When hunger calls you are bound to grab junk food! So, to sort things out, you should carry healthy snacks like a small box of almonds or an apple. This way you will eat healthy stuff whenever you are hungry. So, always carry healthy snacks with you wherever you go.

Will you follow the above tips to lose weight?

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