What To Eat In Indian Version Of Atkins Diet?


What To Eat In Indian Version Of Atkins Diet?

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This is a reader query. A lot of people try and follow Atkins diet but since the diet has its inception from the West, people in South East Asia including India need to tweak the menu as per availability of food items and their taste.

Let’s see what we can have on Indian version of Atkins !

Non Vegetarian – Fish, Chicken, Eggs

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In India, the most common non vegetarian foods are Fish , Chicken and Eggs, which you can very well enjoy on the Atkins Indian Diet. Fish and chicken have neglegible carbs and eggs have the healthiest fats. Atkins Indian Diet is a party time for Non vegetarians. Tandoori chicken or fish fillets or omlettes – your meals are sorted!


There are a lot of low carb vegetables in India. I am listing a few that have less than 4g carbs per 100 grams quantity of vegetables.

Brocolli, Cauliflower, Cabbage

The cauliflower family does not disappoint vegetarians following Atkins or High protein Low Carb diet. You can have all these green veggies in the form of sabzi. Cabbage and Egg meal is my staple. You can also have broccoli soup and cabbage soup.

Brocolli(boiled) – 1.3 grams carbs/100 gram
Cauliflower(boiled) – 2.3 grams carbs/100 gram
cabbage(boiled) – 0.6 grams carbs/100 gram

Spinach,Lettuce, Radish and Cucumber

Blanched/steamed spinach, radish, cucumber and lettuce are healthiest salads. You can also have cooked spinach in the form of curry or soup.

Spinach(raw) – 1.6 grams carbs/100 gram
Lettuce – 1.9 grams carbs/100 gram
Cucumber(raw) – 1.5 grams carbs/100 gram
Radish(raw) – 2 grams carbs/100 gram


Eggplant itself is low carb. 100 grams of raw eggplant has 2.2 grams carbs only. When we cook it, we add onion and tomato which raises the carb count.


Capsicum can be included in salads, veg curries or added in egg omlettes.

Pumpkin and Babycorn

Pumpkin may be a boring veggie but is great for weight loss. It has just 2.2 grams carbs every 100 grams whereas boiled babycorn has 2.7 grams carbs.

Other vegetarian options can be soya and mung. You can have soya chunks for a change. Green whole mung is low carb, you can check out its recipes here.

Fruits – Avacado and Berries

Unfortunately, there are not many fruits to enjoy on Atkins. You can have berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries in moderation. Avacado is great but not easily available everywhere.

Dairy and Nuts

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Five

Dairy and nuts are a bit tricky. Some people get stalled soon on dairy whereas for others, dairy brings healthy fats. Indians as it is enjoy paneer and full fat cream, so a thumps up for them. Full fat milk in small quantities is okay.

Its easy to overdo nuts. Stick to 5 almonds/5 walnuts for snacking when hungry.


Olive Oil, healthiest fat is the best way for cold salads! You can have ghee and butter too. portion control is extremely important, overdose of healthy foods also can lead to a stall.

Do you think any other food can be added to this Indian Atkins Diet ? Let me know!

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