What To Eat In A High Protein Low Carb Diet (India)

cheese for high protein diet

What To Eat In A High Protein Low Carb Diet

Low carb and high protein diet have become quite a rage and nowadays everyone seems to be following it and they are seeing the result also. I now see many celebrities endorsing it and some completely shunning it out. For example- Rujuta Diwekar doesn’t endorse it and she encourages people for a balanced diet and including more local food, eating healthy and getting up early and not starting the day with tea, etc, etc. I once read that all her clients have rice in their dinner. I have seen people losing a lot of weight after following her so if her diet plan works for you then this diet is not for you.

The same goes for protein diets. Some of you might find it completely impossible and for some, it might be the best thing. The reason I prefer low carb and high protein diet is because it suits me better. I love all the things which the diet prescribes and the best part there is no portion control. This diet has got me rid of my PCOS, at least it is under control and if I maintain it for long maybe I completely get rid of it forever. So all in all it works for me.

Now the thing is what to eat in a high protein and low carbs diet. You can not have bread, momos, roti/chapati, paratha, suji (semolina), pizzas, burgers, potatoes than what will we eat? …Don’t worry…This is what I also thought when I first considered it but to my surprise, I have so many variations in my food now which I was completely unaware of earlier.

For example – anything buttery in my food was a complete no but now I have 2-3tbsp of butter every day. So my food is high protein but it’s delicious as well.

Also, with high protein diet I do not count my calories so it’s quite a relief. Moreover, this is an expensive diet so you got to keep this thing in mind. Eating different types of nonveg, nuts, cheese is expensive but it won’t be so expensive that the whole of your money is spent on this only.

Coming to the foods allowed:-

Eggs In High Protein Diet:-

Β I prefer eating eggs almost every day and I am trying to learn different ways to make them so that it doesn’t get boring. Also, in most high protein diets one is supposed to eat eggs with yolk which is quite an advantage. There is less wastage and eating with yolk is more fulfilling. I have done a few of the recipes here based on eggs. You can check them out here

1 egg equals 6 grams of proteins and they are affordable too. If you can get organic eggs then it is much better. Also, egg dishes are available everywhere. So even if you are holidaying you can always ask for different kinds of egg dishes. I generally order egg curry or omelet when I am out or have egg curry in the meal also with some salad and curd along.

High Protein Low Carb Diet

2) Cheese In High Protein Diet:-

I love cheese and add it in my diet in multiple ways. Although some dairy milk products are high in carbs the fermentation process cuts down the carbs from the cheese and makes it suitable for a low carb diet. Parmesan cheese is considered to be the best with 10 gm of protein per ounce. Some of the cheese are best to be avoided such as cream cheese and cottage cheese as they contain just 3 grams or even less protein per ounce .

I add cheese in salads, sprinkle it over grilled chicken, mashed cauliflower and cabbage, and in egg recipe. There are many ways to incorporate it in your meals and of course it is tasty as well.

cheese for high protein diet

Nov Veg In High Protein Diet

You can have a wide variety of non-vegetarian foods which include chicken, ground turkey, lamb, salmon, shrimp and tuna, and much other stuff. This should be a major part of your diet. I generally have chicken and fish as I have been vegetarian for a big part of my life and therefore I am still learning in this area.

Few things which I have tried for this diet are butter chicken, grilled chicken, chicken masala, shrimp curry, and fish in coconut recipe which my friend Rashmi taught me and tastes delicious! I am going to share its recipe sometime in the coming days.

chicken and meat in high protien diet

Nuts In High Protein Diet:-

Almond, nuts and pistachio are packed with proteins and contain omega -3 fatty acids. I generally have these with milk while going for my workout. Having walnuts adds crunch to your salad. I love having overnight soaked almonds. I powder them and add them to my soups and salads also.

health benefits of nuts

Panner & Tofu

We Indians love to have paneer and somehow no dinner is hosted without having a paneer dish in it. One can have paneer in many many ways.Be it grilled, palak paneer, butter paneer, salads, etc. For tofu, you have to marinate it a bit with soya sauce for 10-15 minutes and then toss it in your choice of sauteed vegetables. I generally have paneer as its easily available but if you can have tofu then it will add variety in your food and its good source of protein as well.

What To Eat In A High Protein Low Carb Diet

Above foods are the main source of a high protein and low carb diet, at least in India. If you are outside India there are many other good things nowadays available which are high in protein and low in carb content. Remember we need to have good amount of fats also while following the protein diet. Taruna has done a post on why we should have ghee here.

I have 1-2tsp of butter in everything I eat. Be it eggs or any roasted vegetables.It makes me happy as well as all my life I never got to really enjoy butter because of weight issues.

why desi ghee is good for health

Along with these we can have rajma, chickpeas, full-fat milk and yogurt oh yes! even peanut butter in moderation. Flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, and even Β sunflower seeds can also be eaten with this diet. We can also enjoy a hot cup of coffee with full cream but yes without sugar.

Sugar is a complete no in this diet. If you have a sweet tooth then there are chocolates available online which are 70% of chocolate that is still allowed. Somehow I am almost over with my craving for sweets. After following this diet I can easily sit and watch people having icecreams or pastries without thinking I wish I could have it too πŸ™‚

Also, I do cheat sometimes and have 2tbsp of rice with one big bowl of Rajma but it doesn’t affect my weight that much. Moreover high protein and low carb diet is a kind of a lifestyle and not a diet plan ..If you leave it you will see getting the weight back so follow it, accepting it as your lifestyle.

Do let me know if you are aware of any other high protein food which can be included in this diet:-

You can also read about GM diet which was followed by Tarun for seven days hereΒ 

P.S – I am not a dietitian, whatever I have written in this post is from my personal experience and whatever I have learned from my friends, books and websites which promote this diet.


  1. i luvvvv everything except non veg ofcourse :). I can feel how much you enjoyed writing this post, everything is so droolworthy πŸ˜€

  2. oh ohh I have been eating philadelphia cream cheese light thinking it is not as bad as its lighter version… but as u said it contains just 3.0gms of protein!!!!

    I only eat a spoonful on a brown toast at times if not daily…. is it bad?

  3. Yes! if u limit your carbs around 30-40 then its difficult to follow this diet with veggies, paneer and soya…I initially tried it out but i was sick of having paneer and soya all the time…although if u r determined u can.

  4. Hi Yuvika,

    if its a strict high protein diet with minimum amount of carbs then lentils will also have to be limited…if you google carbs in lentils …100gms of lentils contains 60gms of carbs…In high protein , moderate fat and miimum carbs diet lentils and oats need to be in limited quantity..thats why i said …vegetarians will have difficult time on this diet plan….one can read more on this on wheatbellyblog or search paleo diet on google…even my fried Tanveer from addictedtoblush has explained this beautifully..

  5. hey…
    i thought cheesee in diet was bad for people who wanna loose weight. Im following a low carb high protein diet. can i have cheese then ? n what brand is best ?

  6. when u follow a low carb diet then u r allowed to go high on protein and moderate on fat..so u should have cheese..i have cheese every day and love it to the core..i suggest u read wheat belly book..that might help u out.

  7. I thaught of going on low carbo diet from 2day. I was lucky to find you ideas n experience as me opened website. I am happy you are not dietician so your plans are easy, simple & practical & they sound logic. I am N/V but can’t manage eating meat now & then. But your option of lentils is a relief. I love to eat rice & its hard to live without rice but lentils have some carbo to keep belly happy. Your suggestion of small portion of rice & large portion of lentils or kedney beans or chickpeas or other beans is just superb. I am fond of desi ghee n do u think its good to add in vegies instead of butter?

  8. Hi Anamika
    Such a helpful article i must say.. I have been looking to shed some weight and have been reading a lot abt diff diet regimes lately.. The low carb diets sounds easier as i am a hardcore non veg. I have been trying to follo for 2 weeks .. Although not religiously in terms of restricting my carb intake to 50g a day.. Been off sugar and wheats for 3 weeks now. But have lost around 2 kilos already. So my question, how much can we lose with this diet? How much did u lose and in what time?

  9. Hi Soma
    There is no limit to weight loss with low carb. You need to change your diet and workout often so that you dont stall.

  10. Thanks Tarun.. Could you share a proper diet chart you guys followed from mon to sun, which has the carb calorie intake under 50. Want to follow this properly from tomorrow to fast-tract the weight loss πŸ™‚

  11. Soma , we do create diet plans only with the help of nutritionist tailor made for an individual.

  12. Carbs with low GI can be consumed. Lentils have low GI, thus they can be taken but in smaller portions πŸ™‚

    High GI food (sweets as well) can be taken once a week in little quantity but it should only be consumed within 10 mins of minimum 30 mins workout.

  13. Tough to cut diwn carbs for example lets take breakfast 2 eggs n 2 slices of wheat
    Bread n 1 glass milk amounts to 150+100+150 calories but when its lunch then 2 6 inch rotirs plus 100 gms paneer would be 160 +250 calories then repeat lunch menu for dinner so total 1200 cals so where is the snack that is rich in protein but around 100 calories help…..

  14. Yaa! so u do not have to take those 2 slices of wheat bread…have 3 eggs instead ..

    Snacks which are rich in protein – almonds and peanuts

  15. I believe, if the question is of low carb and high protein diet, it does not matter in what form one consumes protein but in what proportion one require to consume. of course at what time of day and in what frequency one should consume to keep metabolism on. πŸ™‚ i think we are off-tangent in this article.


  16. Siddhartha you seem to be knowing quite a bit about low carb and high protein thing , why not explain the thing you mentioned in your comment about time, frequency and metabolism. Would really appreciate. πŸ™‚

  17. Am planning to start low carb diet.can I have one slice of whole meal bread for breakfast along with eggs nd one roti for lunch along with dal nd veggies.nd dinner a cup of cooked oats.thanks in advance

  18. Hi I have been on low carb high protein diet for 2 weeks and have lost 2 kg so far… yes u have to avoid wheat, rice except brown rice 1 cup is allowed per day, no refined sugar so I use brown sugar in my tea but otherwise no sweets.no potato, corn or peas. Hummus is allowed with carrot, cucumber. Ie eat that for snacks sometimes. And instead of wheat rotis I sometimes have bajra roti or ragi roti or ragi dosa.

  19. Hi,
    Doctor has advised me to take high protein and low carb diet to shed all the extra kilos that have piled on me. I read the whole discussion and it seems to be very helpful.

    Past two days I have started with the diet. I am very used to rotis and veggie but now I use lettuce like a roti.

    Just if someone can guide. Can oats be part of the meal.

  20. Hi, Dairy products arent considered good for pcos.Cows that are lactating and producing milk produce a hormone called Bovine somatotropin which is important for regulating it’s metabolic processes. It has now been synthesized to create recombinant Bovine Somatotropin or rBST. This rBST increases milk production in lactating cows by preventing mammary cell death (3).These hormones make our imbalanced hormones go haywire.Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1) is also found in cow’s milk and has the exact same structure as that of human IGF-1. Research has shown that IGF-1 levels increase by 10% in women from just one pint of milk a day.Dealing with PCOS means dealing with insulin resistance too so in my opinion dairy products should be eliminated or kept to minimal in case of PCOS.

  21. Ruth oats can be added but it is not actually low carb… yes they are healthy carbs …. some people like me gain weight with oats, so be careful.

  22. Hi,
    Thank you very much for this post. I’m too suffering from PCOS and the doc asked me not to take any medications instead suggested to follow a low carb diet.

    I’m on this diet past 10 days and lost 1.5 – 2 kgs so far. MY BMI is 35 and I have to lost alot of weight.

    I eat egg omlette and apple for breakfast. For lunch I eat chicken / fish / paneer grilled with a soup or some nuts. For night i mostly have an apples and some nuts.

    Pls comment if my above diet is a healthy one or should I add more fruits or any protein food in my diet

  23. Veg.. Protin..is soya… Best 70% ..i got six pack.to make it faster.. In 2 months…. So make it large…

  24. hi… I eat roti both in lunch n dinner… wat can I eat apart frm roti.. I don’t eat rice…I m bored of eating rotis both the time..i am also on weight lss diet…pls sugest..thanks

  25. We eat a lot of Asian and Middle Eastern food in our house in the UK, and we are both enjoying a very low carb diet to get rid of our middle aged fat round the tummy. We love chapatis etc with our curries, and I find that if you use flax, soya and almond flours you can make really nice flat breads to eat with your curries. Whatever you do, no sugar, use Xylitol instead, you cannot tell the difference and NO refined foods or white flour. We have lost loads of weight and with exercise as well you will soon feel 10 years younger!

  26. I used to make Moong Dal Dosa – which is high in protein.

    Also soy Beans Pancakes/Dosas can be made

  27. In chicken you should choose to eat only chicken breasts most of the Time..which is High in protein.. Egg Omlette is fine as long as less oil is used. Also it depends on what your adding to your Omlette..choose any veg which has less carb index. Apple should be fine – taken in moderation. Or its better to avoid fruits for the first 2 weeks.

    You can also have a bowl of Boiled Soy beans – for lunch – which is a complete protein. You can add little spices and serve it. Some people also make Dosa out of it.

  28. Pru, I agree to what all you said but for one thing that was about Xylitol…. it is not at all safe… please start using Stevia, it doesn’t have any side effects and is natural.

  29. I love to read question and answer for low carb food
    I am 66 years old having type 2 diabetic with high cholosrerol
    I wart to do low carb diet. Being vegetarian with no egg fish etc it’s hard to find things to eat
    Pl advice . My weakness is coffee in the morning with sugar which is I know bad but what is the alternative

  30. Anamika,
    its good to stick to proteins, but it is difficult to stick to some known protein diets. So what can we eat other than soya and paneer. My problem is that my mother don’t just want to use low fat oils like olive oil, she just loves to use heavey oils in making of anyfood doesn’t matter if it is vegies or non-vegies…………..any solution for me please…!

  31. I have cucumber with cooked veggies and dal instead of chapati. Sugar free in tea n cofee to pacify my sweet tooth. Also hv 1 glass lassi wid vry little salt.I lost 3kg in 1 month.

  32. My cousin recommended me to carb free diet and looking at his results, I was really inspired. I weighed 83 KG and within 2 days. … mind it, 2 days I was 81.5kg.
    I know its hard to believe but it’s a fact.
    My diet was 2 boiled eggs with salt and pepper. Afternoon I had beef fry and at night chicken fry. But the third day onwards I started cheating i. e I had a glass of milk with a teaspoon of sugar and horlicks. Fourth day – as I was in my in laws place I had to eat rice for lunch and dinner though I restricted it to a small quantity. On the fifth day again a glass of milk in the morning and had fish fry and omelette for lunch . I just can’t keep myself away from milk….. that’s my biggest problem. … my cousin said that milk should be avoided in a NO CARB diet. I now weigh 80 kg after 5 days i.e . reduced 3kg . Had I not been cheating I would have lost more weight.
    I have decided to be more truthful in my diet. My cousin is an awesome example. He says now he doesn’t have any cravings for any carb food.

  33. Shiney- Carbs, Sugar, Lubricants (no water), stat away from them and you’ll likely never put on a gram, that’s why Diets like Atkins and GM are so successful, however…carbs are your friend, moderation helps. The funda to stay fit, is simple overall – Eat less, Do more. Also…cut the beef, you’ll get faster results. Fish and Chicken breast is all you need. Grilled, not fried.

  34. Hi,
    I am 29 yrs old and I have 4 yrs daughter…I have hypothyroidism since 2010 and my weight is 73 kg now.

    I am on low carb diet since 5 days and feeling awesome… thanks anamika.

    I am facing one more problem… I feel morning sickness so it becomes impossible to exercise in morning coz of nausea and weakness. Give me some tips so that I can do exercise in the morning.

  35. Hi!
    I read some early posts here n I think daal/lentils shud b consumed in less than moderate amount.Like lentil soup with 1/4 of daal & 3/4 of water cooked well with normal indian spices n to add some more nutrients we can add chopped spinach while boiiling.perfect with tuvar daal.

    Well not only paneer tofu but soy chunks or nutri nuggets or crushed form if cooked with very little oil is a good source of protein can be consumed in breakfast lunch.

    Friends excess of everything is wrong.But just cutting off any time of nutrient completely is unhealthy.In a week try to have a day for carbs, (or occassionally tea /coffee,desserts or deep fried) or any other food craving once in a while coz it will also affect the health and can cause particularly deficiency .especially people with thyroid.

  36. Hi!
    Even I have hypothyroidism n what helps me is a little piece of dark chocolate(70-80% or higher cocoa).It is really bitter but half to 1 inch piece is enough to boost up ur metabolic rate. or have a banana in the morning wait 30 min to an hour and then exercise.
    But first thing in the morning is to drink a glass of warm water with just lemon drops(no honey)can add some sea salt or rock salt(kala namak) it helps in hypothyroidism . Even I feel so tired to workout in the morning but after lemon water and my medicine. I warm up by doing some household jobs to slowly make me ready for exercise.

  37. Hi,
    Thanks for this article. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time now and keep falling off the wagon. For the first time I’ve started exercising- I do focus T25 and walk for 45 mins or so everyday (5 days a week) everything you’ve mentioned in the low carb high protein diet is are things I love to eat, but I also LOVE LOVE bread and chapati πŸ™ anyway ill try this for a month and see if there’s a difference. Fingers crossed.
    My questions are–
    Is raw organic honey allowed in this diet? ( I like having a glass of lime hot water and honey in the morning)
    Over time are there any good carbs that can slowly be introduced? Like quinoa, brown rice etc?
    Is this going to affect my liver and kidneys?
    Also in the article you mentioned cottage cheese( paneer) is bad for his diet but then you included it in the list of things to eat during this diet. Little confusing. Please can u clarify?
    Thanks and good job πŸ™‚

  38. You can slowly add quinoa and brown but limit it intake ..i do add lot of chicken and add 50 grams of brown rice..it works for me ..you have to monitor and then see if it suits you or makes you gain weight.

    Cottage cheese is not exactly bad but it should be in moderation..

    Now that i have been on this diet for a long time i would suggest that initially you stick to 90% strictness and gradually reduce yourself to 80 ..This will keep your weight maintained..

    I wish you all the best

    Also, don’t forget to check our online consultation plan that will make things easy for you

  39. I m 43 yr old with 76 kg weight, at initial stages of diabetes and a lil high cholesterol. Shall I take paneer, cheese, milk, curd, ghee and makkhan? Plz advise.

  40. What is your opinion on cracked wheat ? Can this be consumed daily in limited quantity with veggies and lentils for lunch and dinner ?

  41. Thanks Anamika,

    I am also following Low carb diet, I am a beginner so i would like to get some tips from you.


  42. Hi Anamika,
    Its good to see a post on low carb diet from an Indian.I have been following this diet for last three months & have seen good success.however,this ketp diet or paleo diet dosent allow rajma, yogurt & chickpeas & even milk.can u plz explain how can we have them while following this diet.I keep my carbs as low as 20 g.

  43. Hey in this diet u don’t have to have low fat oil! In fact u NEED to have the best high fat oil like ghee and butter, and in noooo moderation πŸ™‚

  44. Hi, I liked what you wrote. Can you give an idea of how you plan your diet in a normal working day?

  45. Hi,

    I have just started following a weight loss diet with no directions from GP or any1…just my own…could you please advise what I am doing wrong or right in this..
    Breakfast : 1 whole wheat bread +2 egg white scrambled+1 Tea wid sugar/2 idlis+1 tbsp onion-tomato chutney+1 Cup Tea wid sugar/1 plate poha+1 cup T wid sugar
    Lunch: 1 whole wheat roti+250 ml dal or any cooked veg,veg+fruit salad
    Snack: 1 Green+fruit smoothie,1 cup T/sprouts chaat+1 cup T/murmurey chat+2 marie biscuits+1 cup T
    Post Exercise:1 cup Green T
    Dinner: 1 bowl salad (romaine lettuce/kale/cucumber/tomato/carrots) wid dressing(caesar/mustard/white vinegar+olive oil+salt+pepper+lemon juice dressing) , grilled chicken/fish/boiled eggs &sometimes 1 cup soup(tomato/spinach/clear veg soup)

    Please advise for a more effective weight loss n healthy diet

  46. I m a vegetarian and i m having 70 grm or protien with 40 gram of fat and 150 grm carbs with 25 gram fiber and i my work out is 7-9 km walk and 3-4 km running… All in all burning 1000 calories. .. Can u sugeest is it ok or any other changes which u think will make it better

  47. It depends on your aim of working out and diet… if you aim to lose weight then surely the macros will be different. Another thing to keep in mind is your calorie intake. Since you haven’t mentioned your weight, calorie intake and your aim to calculate the macros so it’s very difficult to comment.

  48. I have been a diabetic for 16 years & having high protein low carb, moderate sugar diet for years. I include high protein foods like
    1. Chickpea (kabuli Chana)
    2. Bengal gram (Chana – Black)
    3. Groundnuts – have it boiled with tomatoes & onions or just plain roasted
    4. Tomatoes – Nearly zero glycemic load and high on pottassium
    5. Cucumbers – zero carb & zero glycemic load
    6. Soya chunks with lady finger and sweat pea(protien)

    My diabetic condition is fully under control to an extent that I can afford to have moderately sweet tea with just 5 gms of sugar /day as the limit. Hope this helps all vegetarians have good health


  49. I use whey protein, yogurt, and egg white. I think on diet we do not have to cut off everything. Although you can lose weight by just not eating anything or vegetables but they can affect health badly. Can you create a blog on a low metabolism rate? because, after losing weight in just a few months I come back to the starting point.


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