What Water Should You Drink?-Drinking Water Options


What Water Should You Drink?-Drinking Water Options


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Everyone will be only too happy to tell you about how much water to drink but have you ever been told about the type of water you should be drinking? Well this post talks about just that! By the way I was baffled when my friend who stays in the US said that she drinks tap water, in fact everybody in the US does! Just imagine the same thing in India! Tap water in India is not considered to be safe. My friend however has shifted to bottled water now as she is conscious about her health.

The International Bottled Water Association says that drinking water is sealed in bottles and containers. It is safe and meant for human consumption. Bottled water is an expensive option. Moreover, the non-recyclable plastic bottles are harmful for the environment. The Environmental Working Group suggests that you should be drinking filtered tap water instead. Probably in foreign lands you can do so but this is not safe in India.

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Now all kinds of bottled water are not the same. How to decide whether you want spring water or mineral water? You need to make the right choice.

Purified water

Purified water is water that can be of any origin and has been treated by de-ionization, reverse osmosis or distillation in order to remove the microbes and chemicals. This means distilled water is one variety of purified water.

Spring water

Aquifers are bodies of porous rock through which water flows. They are nature’s own purification filters. When the water overflows from the aquifers and reaches the surface, it forms a spring. In order to get qualified as spring water, it must be collected either at the spring or by a borehole to reach the underground water source that has the same water quality. The Environmental Protection Agency says that “glacier water” and “mountain water” aren’t regulated.

Artesian water

Artesian water is also called artesian well water and this kind of bottled water is collected by external force from a confined aquifer.

Mineral water

Mineral water is a type of bottled water that naturally contains more than 250 parts per million of total dissolved solids in it. Mineral water originates from a source that is underground and no minerals are added to it.

Tap water

Talking of tap water in India seems weird. However, you can check the status of the drinking water being supplied by the government. You need not treat the home drinking water if it is already being treated by the public water systems. But the gloomy part is that tap water can lead to water-borne diseases if not treated. Even if your water comes from your own borewell, you should treat it before consumption as it can have pollutants and microbes in it.

Bottled water- which is the best?

When you go in for a branded bottle of water, make sure that it is clearly labeled with the means of treatment.

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From the Indian point of view

Most of us either use an RO purifier installed at our homes and offices or purchase packaged water. Packaged water cans carry the ISI mark and have their means of treatment clearly mentioned. Same goes for the mineral water bottles available in India. Go in for well known brands when it comes to packaged water. The water you consume should be free of disease-causing microbes and pollutants.

What kind of water are you drinking?

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