What You Should Eat In Breakfast To Lose Weight


What You Should Eat In Breakfast To Lose Weight

 Eating a healthy breakfast, makes your weight-loss easier and quicker. When you are full in the morning, you are less likely to load up on high-calorie food when you suddenly feel hungry before lunch. A good breakfast gives you energy for the day. It should be balanced and something that makes you feel full not only instantly but also for a few hours. Here are some ideas about What You Should Eat In Breakfast To Lose Weight-


Poached Egg

The benefits of eggs are tremendous. Eggs are loaded with protein and many more vitamins and minerals. They are yummy and satiate your hunger quickly. Eggs take time to get digested and don’t make you feel hungry quickly. If you feel that there is too much fat in egg then skip the yolk and eat only egg whites. Egg white has no fats.

You can make a variety of egg dishes but always remember that if weight loss is your goal, skip the bread with eggs. Breads bring in unnecessary carbs and make losing weight tougher.


Sugar-free Strawberry-Pomegranate Smoothie 7

Another yummy and satiating breakfast comes from fresh fruits and vegetables. Make your own smoothies with any ingredients of your choice. This is a creative breakfast and there are no limits regarding the recipe of smoothies. Whip up whatever appeals to your taste buds.

With smoothies, you get a whole lot of nutrition and a feeling of fullness for quite some time.

Sprouts With Buttermilk

how to sprouts

Sprouted legumes and grains are a great breakfast option. Sprouts contain folic acid, protein, Vitamin E, potassium, iron, phytochemicals, antioxidants and bioflavonoids. You can have sprouted grams, soybean and moong bean etc. These are powerhouse of energy and are light on stomach too. For added taste, take them with buttermilk. It will help in easy digestion and will make you feel light but not hungry.

Besan Cheelas

Besan Pancake Recipe Low Carb Recipe India (4)

Make gramflour or besan cheelas with lots of veggies. Besan has 38% protein and 20% carbs. In terms of protein and carb ratio, its way better than rest of the flours. Adding vegetables adds an extra punch of taste and definitely elevates nutritional value. Check out a simple besan cheela recipe here.

Grilled Fish and Meat

low carb fish recipes (1)

Fish and meat carry many essential nutrients, so if you are a non-vegetarian then eating grilled fish and meat for breakfast is a very healthy option. You do not need to do elaborate cooking, simply grill and enjoy!

Grilling enhances taste but does not increase any fats and carbs.

Greek Yogurt with Flax Seeds, Blueberries and Strawberries

Health and Living abroad greek yogurt

It already sounds yummy! Greek yogurt mixed with flax seeds and berries is a really healthy option as it is devoid of fatty content. Fruits as first food of the day have the potential of keeping you feel light and energetic throughout the day. You can add any fruits but add flax seeds for that kick of protein and fibre.

 Do you have any more suggestions for Breakfast To Lose Weight?

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