What You Should Not Put Into Your Ears?


What You Should Not Put Into Your Ears? Find out!

What You Should Not Put Into Your Ears

Hello Everyone!!!

How do you clean your ears? With a hairpin? Well, you have no clue about how much you are damaging your ears! I even know people who clean their ears with a key! OMG!

If you want to take care of your ears, here is what you should never put inside your ears.

1) Cotton swabs

cotton swab-What You Should Not Put Into Your Ears

Cotton swabs are used to clean ears most often. But according to one study, you should not clean your ears using them as they are a common mode of accidental ear injury! They can also lead to ear infections. I don’t think that now you would want to use a cotton buds.

2) Small cotton balls

When a small cotton ball is used for cleaning the ear, people either forget about it or are not able to remove it as it is deep inside the ear. This results in pain and ear infection.

3) Hairpins

There are many who even use hairpins to clean their ears. Using such sharp objects can affect the ear canal’s skin and even the eardrum if it is pushed in deeply. It can lead to hearing loss and you can land into trouble as there may be the need of a surgery to repair the eardrum.

4) Ear drops

ear drops-What You Should Not Put Into Your Ears

While it is good to obey the doctor’s instruction and use prescribed ear drops, you should never put over-the-counter ear drops without a prescription. If you happen to use such ear drops the results can be disastrous as you can land up with deafness.

5) Beads or button cells

This can happen due to carelessness, especially with kids. Beads or button cells stuck in the ear canal will require a minor surgery to get removed. Also the chemical from the button cell can leak out and result in severe damage to the ear which cannot be reversed.

6) Hairspray

Many women use hairsprays for setting their hair, it could even be a part of your profession if you are a model 😉 However, you need to make sure that you protect your ears by covering them each time you use the hairspray. Just prevent it from getting into your ears because the chemical present in the hairspray can cause ear infections.

7) Warm oil or hydrogen peroxide

Pouring warm oil into the ears in order to clean the wax is an age old method that has been followed by the older generation. However, you should not pour anything into your ear as this can cause hearing loss.

8) Pens or pencils

chewing on pencil habits that damage teeth

It is a common habit to put a pen or pencil inside the ear but this is not a good habit at all. It can affect the ear canal’s skin which is very delicate and can result in infections.

9) Toothpicks

Toothpicks are very sharp objects and can terribly affect the delicate skin of the ear canal and even the eardrum. This can cause hearing loss and a discharge from the ear. This requires surgery in order to repair the eardrum.

10) Fingers

Don’t try to clean your ears with your fingers. If you have long finger nails, then you should not put fingers into your ears. Doing so can harm the ear canal and result in infection or pain.

Hope now you are aware of What You Should Not Put Into Your Ears!

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