What Your Lips Reveal About Your Health?


Find Out What Your Lips Reveal About Your Health!

lipstick Ways To Care For Dry Lips This Winter

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The human body is simply amazing! It gives hints of underlying illnesses constantly but we don’t seem to pay heed to them. Do you know that your lips can say volumes about your health? Yes, your lips don’t lie 😉 Next time when you take a selfie just pay attention to your pout. If they are dry and sore, it could mean that you are having an underlying health condition. Read on to find out more!

What Your Lips Reveal About Your Health?

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Swollen lips

No don’t blame your lipstick for swollen lips. Swelling of lips can be due to some other reason such as an allergic reaction. Your lips can swell even if you have allergy to a particular food. My brother is allergic to drumsticks, whenever he consumes them his lips turn red and swollen. If you notice an allergic reaction to any food, remember not to consume that food again. More on food allergies here- click!

Cracked lips

Deficiency of nutrients can show on your lips. This is probably why the doctor takes note of the lip condition when you go for a check up. If there are painful cracks on your lips or if they have turned too dry, it is possible that you have the deficiency of zinc, iron, or B-vitamins (B3 and B6). Try to find out the exact reason behind your cracked lips by consulting the doctor. Take care of your lips by applying nourishing lip balms so that they don’t appear too dry.


When you are stressed out you would see cold sores appearing on your lips. They appear even when you are working too much or feel exhausted all the time. Don’t ignore cold sores on your lips as it can be an indicator of oral cancer! I am not trying to scare you but when you happen to see one, do visit the doctor immediately as early detection is essential for treating cancer.

Dry lips

When your lips are dry, don’t simply blame the dry weather. It is not the climate that is robbing the moisture from your lips. There are chances of you being dehydrated. When you are dehydrated your lips turn parched. Dehydration may seem to be a simple thing but it is really not so. Here are some scary facts of dehydration – click!

Bumps on the lips

If you have been suffering from cold, you will notice painful bumps on your lips. The bumps can be a sign of a weak immune system too. Don’t ignore!

Cracks on the mouth’s corners

If you drool a lot, there are chances of painful cracks developing on the corners of the lips. In the elderly who wear dentures or secrete a lot of saliva, moisture gets secreted on the corners of the mouth and this leads to a yeast infection. The yeast grows up and appears as a cut.

Any lip related problem like cracking or dryness should be taken seriously. If the condition does not improve with home remedies, you should consider visiting the doctor.

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