What Your Looks Indicate About Your Health?


Find Out What Your Looks Indicate About Your Health!

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People most often blame stress and aging for hair loss, facial lines and discoloured finger nails. However, these flaws can be a signal for underlying health conditions. Here are some physical signs that tell you all is not well beneath the surface of your skin!

Swollen feet

Swollen Feet-What Your Looks Indicate About Your Health

Feet and ankles can balloon due to sprains, injuries and infections. Pregnancy, obesity and other health conditions can cause fluid retention in the lower body parts. If you have heart problem, the fluid retention can be due to the inability of the heart to pump properly. You may have swollen ankles, legs and feet.

Dark circles and eye bags

Young woman pushes with fingers on closed eyes. Isolated over white.

Having eye bags and puffiness is due to build up of fluid in the loose skin under the bottom eyelid. The accumulation of fluid can be due to excessive salt consumption (high sodium)

Dry skin

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Dry skin, a common condition during winters can be sign of serious health condition. Both hypothyroidism and diabetes pull out the skin’s moisture. The same can happen due to nutrient deficiencies. A condition called ‘Atherosclerosis’, known to narrow arteries leading to heart disease can also result in dry skin.

Unwanted body hair

Facial Hair-Only A Beauty Issue

Hair on your body can be a sign of PCOS. More than 70 percent of women suffering from PCOS have excess growth of hair on the face, stomach, chest, hands, feet or back. PCOS causes infertility, irregular or even absent periods in women.


old women- gaining weight with age

Wrinkles are not just due to aging. They can be a sign of osteoporosis. More the wrinkles, the bigger the risk of lower bone density! A study has been able to link wrinkles and bone health in women in the early menopausal women.

Hair loss

woman hair fall-Is Your Hair Not Growing

The underlying reason behind hair loss can be stress, medications, pregnancy, disease or hormonal changes. In women, drying and thinning of hair is a sign of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Facial redness

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Facial redness along with skin sores that look like acne are a common symptom of rosacea which is a chronic skin condition.

Cracked lips

sugary lips_why sugar is evil

Lips say lots about health. Cracked and dry lips can be a reaction to medication, a symptom of allergy or infection. Cracking at the mouth’s corners can be a sign of immune system disorder.


rash-on-face-What Your Looks Indicate About Your Health

A rash indicates that something is wrong with your body. There are various kinds of rashes but a butterfly rash that stretches across the cheek like a butterfly is a symptom of lupus. It is a disorder of the immune system that affects the skin, joints, kidneys and blood.

Deformed nails


Trying to avoid getting a manicure as your nails look ugly? You probably need to pay a visit to the doctor. Nails that are deformed or discoloured or are thick and separated from the nail bed can indicate many health problems.

Such changes are common with people having psoriasis (a skin condition), psoriatic arthritis (a joint problem) and alopecia areata, which is a hair loss that occurs in patches.


moles-What Your Looks Indicate About Your Health

A mole is mostly a harmless thing. But there are moles that are a sign of the presence of skin cancer. You need to be on look out for asymmetrical growths that have an irregular border, or are changing in appearance and size. It can be a sign of melanoma, a deadly skin cancer. Please tell the doctor if you happen to see any kind of changes in your skin.

Yellow eyes

Eyes are the windows to your soul as well as to your health. When the whites of your eyes start turning yellow, something is wrong. It can be a sign of a liver disease like cirrhosis or hepatitis. Please check with the doctor as soon as possible.

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